Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jeans Chilli Chicken

The famous Korean Restaurant in Eastwood because of their chilli BBQ chicken..

Cheese Chili BBQ Chicken (AUD 35)
This is the chilli chicken, we ordered the cheese chilli chicken because less spicy and I like cheese.. love their chicken, taste smoky, bbq, and super spicy.. good to mix with the rice ball

Rice Ball
 The rice bowl come in the bowl and u need to mix it by hand, they provide the glove. After mix it, you make into a ball like this.. Yumm.. This rice ball come with the chilli chicken, so you no need to order again. I got two portion of the rice ball cause I ordered two dish and is enough for three - four people..

Free Side Dish - Pasta Apple Salad
 is good to eat this pasta and pickled radish after eat the chilli chicken because it reduce the spiciness

Cheese Rice Cake (AUD 18)
The rice cake was good, but I think I ordered too much carb, so at the end we was super full and can't finish it..

Jeans Chilli Chicken
115 Rowe Street

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