Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Social House

(November 11, 2011)
Yeyyy.. Finally I can try this restaurant.. :D

Begonia (35k), the concoction are fresh strawberries, kiwi, and lime with passion fruit syrup and lime juice.. I like this, the taste is sour and refreshing.. 

LIly of the Valley (35k), the concoction are fresh melon, orang, and lychee fruit in milk and yogurt with melon syrup and grenadine.. The taste more sweet, but the taste is good too.. :)

Four Cheese Pizza (70k), mixed with mushroom, honey, and sun dried tomato.. I like the pizza, crisp and thin.. The taste is good.. :D

Fettuccini alla Romana (75k), this is fettucinni with bacon in cream sauce and green pea puree.. I like this pasta.. even the paste quite thick, but it cooked al dente.. The taste also nice.. Blend well with the puree.. Yummy....

I like the quote, so I took a picture of it.. hehe.. Overall, I like eating in here, even this is my first time eat in here.. But they gave a good food and service.. I will come back again.. :D

..UPDATED.. (May 30, 2012)

 I dont know how much this tea, because I'm not order, but the waiter gave it to me, he says this is free for me.. (still curious why he gave me this tea for free) >.<

 Spaghetti Mushroom Aglio Olio with Garlic Grilled Chicken (70k)

This aglio olio really delicious.... The gave the mushroom and the breast fillet chicken very generous...
I really like this.. But I'm a bit curious why they gave lemon.. haha..

Social House
Grand Indonesia
East Mall, 1st Floor


(December 29, 2011)

This is the first time I try ninety nine.. Hmm.. Nice place to hang out.. hehe..

Quattro Formagi (96k), this is four cheese pizza, mozzarella, parmesan, fetta, and cheddar with tomato sauce.. I like the pizza.. thin and crisp.. The cheese also taste good.. Yummy... =9

Mushroom White Pizza (96k), this is pizza with cheese sauce, beef ham, sunny egg, mozzarella, and pesto.. I really like this pizza more than quattro formagi, even quattro formagi also delicious.. hehe.. But this pizza more yummy.. The pizza also thin and crisp.. :D

..UPDATED..  (May 9, 2012)

This is Ninety-Nine at Ranch Market Pesanggrahan... The place is more nice.. :D

Quarter Rotisserie Chicken (56k), this is grilled quarter chicken with mashed potato and mushroom gravy, I like the mashed potato and the gravy, but I don't really like the chicken, even it cooked perfectly, but tasteless...

 Mashed Potato (30k)

..UPDATED.. (May 30, 2012)

I ordered afternoon tea package.. 1 selected coffee or tea + 1 cakes (55k - ard include tax + service), I forgot the exact price.. But u can choose all the cakes from the cake show case...

I choose raspberry red velvet cake.. I like the raspberry cream cheese frosting, but I don't really like for the cake itself, because too dry and not moist.. >.<

For the drink, I choose hot mocha.. The taste just okay, but the coffee too strong..

My friend ordered ice mocha for the drink, but need to add around 5k, I forgot... >.< and for the cake I also forgot what she ordered.. >.<

Grand Indonesia
East Mall - level LG
(021) 2358 1199

at Ranch Market
Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya no.2
West Jakarta

Friday, May 18, 2012

Momi & Toy's Crêperie

Okay.. karena gw super sering ke PS, sebelum ini buka gw da tau bakal ada tenant baru, tapi gw kira kayak toko baju baby gitu gr2 namanya momi & toy's.. ternyata pas buka itu makanan.. haha..
Karena penasaran, akhirnya nyobain deh makan disini.. hehe..

Tempatnya ga terlalu gede, tapi lumayan lucu.. hehe..


Strawberry Cream (34k), ini pas gw dateng lagi diskon 50% untuk strawberry cream and kiwi cream

Hmm.. Gw suka sauce strawberry nya, enak, asem2 gitu and berasa stoberi.. Kalo creamnya biasa aja menurut gw, tapi ade gw blg enak.. terus buah stoberi di dalemnya terlalu dikit.. hixxx... Crepe nya enak sih lembut, tapi biasa aja menurut gw.. :p

 Matcha Cream with Ice Cream (34k)

Hmm.. ini creamnya dicampur green tea dikit, tapi kurang banyak green tea nya jadi ga berasa green tea  gitu, coba kalo banyak and berasa green tea nya pasti tamba enak.. Oya ni es krim nya boleh pilih mau coklat atau vanilla, gw sih pilih coklat.. terus ini ada di kasi susu kental manis gitu atasnya.. Overall oke lah..

Momi & Toy's Crêperie
Plaza Senayan
3rd Floor (beside Sushi Tei)
Jl. Asia Afrika
South Jakarta

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Serba Food

September 9, 2011

This is a chinese restaurant that open 24 hour at Benton Junction-Lippo Village.. There are many variation of food, from dimsum, breakfast, etc.. This restaurant dominant with red color.. Oya.. they specialities is tea.. hehe.. :)

Nasi Goreng XO (25k), this is fried rice with xo sauce, shrimp, and squids.. I really like this fried rice.. Really tasty.. You have to try this when you come to Lippo Village.. Oya.. combine with their sambal in the table.. delicieux.. :)

Jelly Tea Blended (5.2k), this is blended sweet iced tea with tea jelly.. Sweet, but not too sweet.. But refreshing.. Like the jelly..

..Updated.. (28 March 2012)

Sonic pau, I forgot the price, but this is like mantau but inside have red bean paste, my friend said he don't like the red bean paste, but the pau taste good..

Steam Mantau (3.9k), I like the mantau, very soft and it taste good when dip it with the condensed sweetened milk.. nyamm..

..UPDATED.. (May 15, 2012)

Serba 4 (29k), this is dori with lemon sauce, pak choy, tea jelly, rice, and tea in botlle... I like the dori, but not really like the sauce, but the sauce actually okay, just a bit sour and really taste lemon...

Serba Food
Benton Junction
Lippo Village (Karawaci)


Red Eye Punch (30k), ini tu dari strawberry syrup, soursop juice, sama soda with fresh lychee and strawberry.. Gw sih suka.. soalnya rasanya enak, seger gitu, agak asem2..

Mango Blend (39k - large), temen gw sih suka ini, tapi gw ga terlalu suka.. hehe.. berasa sih mango nya... rasanya manis gitu..

Spaghetti Bolognaise (28k), gw ga suka ini, soalnya ga ada rasa.. >.<

Oya.. harga di dante uda termasuk tax 10%

Summarecon Mall Serpong
Ground Floor - Downtown Walk #DGF-19
(021) 5469318

Bakerzin - Macarons (revisit)

(August 29, 2011)

This is my second visit to Bakerzin, click here to check my 1st visit..

Iced Lime Squash (25k), hmm.. Okay lah.. like a standard lime squash.. :)

White Peach Sparkling Fruity Tea (27.5k), I like this more than the iced lime soda.. hehe.. the taste sweet, but not too sweet, can still taste the peach.. :)

Penne in Smoked Beef & Beef Bacon (57.5k), hmm.. this just like penne carbonara, but because I like pasta with creamy sauce.. So I like this.. I like the sauce in here and the penne they cooked al dente too.. :D

Oya.. we ordered Bratwurst & Mixed Cheese Pizza (65k), but I forgot to take the picture, because I already too hungry... I like the pizza because it's thin crust, I also like the bratwurst, but the taste just okay.. If you want try a nice pizza, you can go to Sopra..

Oya.. last time I also bought a macarron from Bakerzin..

This is Raspberry Macaroon (9.4k), I like this raspberry macaroon from the other flavor of macaroon in bakerzin..

The choco color : Chocolate Raspberry
The purple color : Blueberry
The pink color : Rose
Among this three, I like the blueberry, because there a lil bit sour taste, so the macaroon not as sweet as the other.. hehe..

..UPDATED.. (May 15, 2012)

Green Tea Macaron (9.4k), now the price is higher than before.. hmm.. personally I don't really like the green tea, because I can't taste the green tea.. then.. the macarons too chewy.. >.<

Plaza Senayan 
2F Unit 231 A - 239 A
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8