Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nanny's Pavillon (Barn)

Blueberry Nanny's Cocktail (49k), enak.. seger, di dalemnya ada buah apel, peach, stroberi, blueberry, terus berasa blueberry and ada sodanya..

Lupa ini namanya apa, fettucini beef cream apa gitu.. enak.. cuma pastanya aja agak overcooked.. dagingnya enak..

Olivio's Fried Buttermilk Mushroom (29k), ini oke, cuma ada yang dingin and anget, tp overall taste oke..

Marsh Potato Pancake (29k), gw suka sama potato pancakenya, dressing saladnya juga enak.. itu ada telor sama sosis and ham..

Nanny's Pavillion
Flavor Bliss 2 Kav 6 unit B
Alam Sutera 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monolog - Macarons (revisit)

(August 29, 2011)

This is the 3rd time I came here, because monolog is a nice place to hang out and chit chat.. Check my 2nd visit in here and my 1st visit in here..

Now.. I tried their Frozen Orange Stracciatella (38k), the taste?? If you like orange flavor, you can try this.. hehe.. They give a lot of orange zest, so you can taste the orange flavor.. Oya.. the based of this drink is chocolate.. hehe.. But I like more the frozen chocolate mint..

My friend ordered Flat White (around 28k), I forgot the exact price.huhu.. Actually flat white also same like latte, but I don't know what the exact differences.. I just see the different in picture is the latte got more froth than in here.. My friend said that flat white more milk than latte.. But I don't which is right or not.. I'm not a coffee expert and coffee drinker.. hehe.. :D

(May 20, 2012)

Macarons (@12k)

The white one is jasmine green tea, and the chocolate one is dark chocolate..
I like macarons at monolog more than at bakerzin, even the price more expensive in here.. >.<
This macarons not too sweet and not too chewy, crisp outside, and soft inside...

I like the jasmine green tea flavor.. yummyyyyyy......
The dark chocolate also taste okay, but I like the taste of the chocolate at firenze... :D

Hmm.. macarons in monolog is delicious like at firenze, but macarons in here have more perfect "feet", but the taste taste of almond more strong at firenze....

some macarons pic from my instagram (gabrielzzzz)

..UPDATED.. (August 22, 2012)

All Berries Yogurt Blended (42k), this is all berries yogurt blend with fresh strawberry and milk.. taste okay.. not too sour and not too sweet.. Recommended if you don't want drink coffee or chocolate.. :D

Plaza Senayan
Palm Gate Entrance Unit CP 101 B

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Otel Lobby

Strawberry Ice Tea (25k), I can taste the strawberry flavor, but not the tea.. its like strawberry juice with too much water..

 Lychee Ice Tea (25k), taste okay.. can taste the lychee flavor..

Herbed Parpadelle (55k - small), with braised short ribs and soft cooked egg. I like this dish.. the egg cooked perfectly... the braised short ribs also tasty.. yummy... =9

Beef Wellington (145k)

inside the puff pastry.. the beef wellington very small.. for me and my friend nothing special of this beef wellington.. just taste so-so.. I don't know why..

This mashed potato come along with the beef wellington, the mashed potato taste plain, and not smooth..

courtesy to my instagram.. :D

all price exclude service charge 10% and tax 10%..

Otel Lobby
Rasuna Epicentrum
South Jakarta
021 299 41324

NEGEV (Updated)

August 10, 2011

Hi guys.. I just found out about new restaurant that opened on 27 Sept 2011 (if I'm not wrong).. This is same company with The Harvest (cake shop).. What interesting in Negev is their interior design.. Very unique.. I read in their website this is inspired by artisanal design.. and the picture of their signature desserts make me wanna try to eat in here..

Do you see.. the wall behind the bar?? there are some sculpture and carvings which is very unique and nice... :D

They put some painting in the ceiling

There is a big tree in the middle of the restaurant.. (I don't know that is a real tree or just some sculpture)

 The Menu

 Welcome Bread

The second welcome bread.. The server asked us that did we wanna some more bread while waiting for our food to come out.. And we said yes... hehe.. :p

Happy Kiwi (30k), the concoction are kiwi, simple syrup, plain yoghurt, and pulp of passion fruit.. The taste really refreshening.. I like it.. The taste also a bit sour...

Rib Eye (250 gr - 180k), all the grill served with baked corn potatoes and sun dried tomatoes, so there is no choices for side dish like usual steak or grill food.. But you still can choose what sauce do you like.. There are 6 kind of sauces.. Mushroom jus, honey balsamic jus, thyme jus, pepper corn, BBQ sauce, and bernaise sauce.. and my dad choose mushroom jus.. The taste?? Yummy.. Even we ordered well done, but still the meat still tender and juicy.. The mushroom sauce also taste good.. :D

Beef Ragout, mixed pepper, sausages and jalapenos (90k), personally I don't really like the taste of the pizza.. It's good, but standard.. But my mom said that she like it.. Even she said that pizza in Sopra still more good than this.. hehe..

Molten Chocolate Cake (50k), this is chocolate shooter, molten choco cake, and caramelized orange marmalade ice cream.. The taste?? We start from choco shooter.. Choco shooter like iced chocolate but more thick, but the taste is good.. Then the ice cream.. The taste of the ice cream really unique.. Can taste  the orange flavor, and below the ice cream have something crunchy, and that make the ice cream taste more delicious...

Next is the molten choco cake.. This molten cake very yummy... really delicious, the cake very soft and warm, and the choco in the center melted perfectly when I cut it... =9 Yumm.. yumm.. now im craving for this.. >.<

Chilled Chocolate Parfait (55k), this is crunchy bits of almond nougatine, refreshing mint and greens with mango malibu rum soup.. Hmm.. Now I'm thinking.. They said in the menu that orange liquid is mango malibu rum soup.. But I just taste the mango flavor only.. Can't taste the malibu (coconut) and the rum.. but the taste is good.hehe.. And for the cake... (see below) ^^

It's YUMMYYYYY... Pleasure sinful... There are a choco sponge as the base and choco mousse.. On the top is whipped cream and mint leaf... overall the taste very lovely, melted in the mouth.. The mousse very smooth.. The taste also not too sweet.. And the crunchy bits almond make it more perfect.... Very lovely dessert.. =9

 Strawberry Fresh Juice (35k)

 Margarita Smoothies 

Margarita Smoothies (85k), this is their mixology drink.. you can choose the flavor you like.. There are strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, mango & peach, orange & lemon.. Firstly I choose the mango & peach.. But out of stock.. then I choose blackberry, out of stock again.. Then I choose raspberry.. When the drink came out, I'm a bit confused.. My drink looks like the normal raspberry/strawberry margarita and the taste also similar.. I don't know which part make it different from the normal cocktail.. (a bit dissapointed).. Then the F&B manager said the things make this drink called mixology because they use raspberry sorbet, double shot of the liquer, etc.. But for me (amateur person) still can't find the different in the taste.. hehe.. *pardon me.. >.<

Overall.. I'm very enjoyed eating the dessert in here.. so next time I will come back again.. I wanna try the other signature dessert.. yumm.. yumm.... (mouthwatering) :p
Happy trying guys...

(July 25, 2012)

 Peach Ice Tea (25k), I like the ice tea, but after I add more simple syrup.. :)

Negev Ice Tea (30k), my friend says this is like normal ice tea.. haha.. they garnish with mint and orange slice.. hahahaha..

 Cold Teh Tarik (25k), my friend says this teh tarik too much milk..

 Seafood Fritters (95k)

 Oxtail Soup (110k), this is served with rice

 Linguin Seafood (90k)

 Seafood Risotto (120k) - the portion too small

 Spaghetti Tuna (90k)

 Carbonara Fettucini (80k)

 Beef Ravioli (80k)

 Negev Club (90k)
Negev club: sunflower flexi seed date bread with chicken mayo, parmesan cheese, avocado, eggs, tomato, bacon (in menu written with bacon, but in fact is smoked beef)..
This negev club taste okay,, the bread taste good... I like it... And this sandwich really make me full... :D

..UPDATED.. (August 16, 2012)

Mango Ice Tea (25k), taste okay, but peach ice tea taste better..

 Sticky Toffee Pudding (55k)

this is toffee pudding with butter scotch sauce, vanilla cream, and sugar snap cookie.. I like this toffee pudding.. the pudding so soft, yummy, and still warm.. the butter scotch sauce really taste good...

Hot Exotic Coconut Souffle (60k), this is coconut souffle with passion fruit sorbet, vanilla ice cream, and fresh pineapple and strawberry.. The souffle very soft and smooth... can really taste the coconut.. yummy.. the ice cream just okay..

all price exclude tax 10% and service 8%.. :)

City Plaza 
Ground Floor
Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto no. 42
Ph. (021) 52971333