Thursday, January 6, 2011


Wohoo... Finally today my friend, Mr.H brought me here... Keppel Bay... and tried dessert at Prive..
Keppel Bay is a nice place with a nice view.. :)

The View @Keppel Bay

The View at Keppel Bay
Entrance to Keppel Bay
Oya... we went to Prive Bakery Cafe.. But unfortunately I just had one photo, because at that time I just photo what I ordered.. This is Frangelico Ice Cream Profiteroles (S$10), with valrhona chocolate sauce.. 
The taste?? Yummy.. I love chocolate.. Anw.. This contain alcohol, because Frangelico is liquers if I'm not wrong..

Oya.. At Prive also breakfast menu, they also open in the morning, and the view in the morning also very nice... :)
*I'll come back here to eat breakfast..

No.2 Keppel Bay Vista
Marina at Keppel Bay
Singapore 098382
Telp: +65 6776 0777

Jewel Box

Yeyyy... My barista friend, Mr H brought me here.. Firstly I don't know about this place in Singapore.. Oya.. this place quite far.. I suggest you, using car or motorbike, more easier.. Hehe.. If I'm not wrong this is near Mount Faber and you can get in cable car from here.. :)

The View

Awesome ryt?? :)

If you like to go to some place to see a nice view, I suggest you go to here.. It's a romantic place for couple too... In here also have some restaurant.. But I don't know what the name.. Click here to know more about Jewel Box-Mount Faber.. Hehe.. :)

Jewel Box
09 Mount Faber Road
Singapore 099203
Phone (65) 63779688

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ristorante Bologna

Wohoo.. After finish my internship in Marina Mandarin Singapore.. Now it's the time to try eating in one of the restaurant and become a guest.. hehe.. Ristorante Bologna is an Italian restaurant, the restaurant dominant with white, black, and blue.. I like the ambience in this restaurant, even fine dining, but still feel cozy.. :)

This is Mango Rose (S$18), this is one of their specialities mixology mocktail drink.. The concoction is rose syrup and mango juice.. I like the taste.. But more taste the mango..

Hmm.. I like how the cooked the scallop perfectly, but for me, the taste a bit tasteless.. hehe.. And for the tomato and mozzarella.. hmm.. I don't really like it too, but not because the taste not good, but because I don't like tomato.hehe..

This is what I ordered, Parpadale something.. I forgot this is with lobster sauce or crab.. but I like it.. the pasta cooked al dente.. The flavor also rich.. =9

Fried Calamari, hmm.. for me the taste is good, but I more like if they give more salt or something.. hehe.. Mungkin karena orang singapore ga suka yang asin-asin.. :p

This is lamb rack.. but I'm not try this one.. But if not wrong, my friend said this food taste good.

Yea.. I love the dessert.. because I'm too full, the chef prepare a light dessert.. This is italian choco ice cream with sliced fruit and bread (I don't know what kind of bread).. I just know that the taste is nice.. The taste of the ice cream really different from other ice cream, it's rich of chocolate flavor and this is home made ice cream.. :D

Ristorante Bologna
Marina Mandarin Hotel
Level 4
6 Raffles Boulevard - Marina Square

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Nah ini yang dinanti-nantikan.. Laurent Bernard terkenal dengan coklatnya..
Tapi pas gw kesana, sayangnya chef nya udah selesai shift disana and pindah shift sore ke robertson quay.. Jadi gw ga bisa nyobain yang menu specialnya.. Terpaksa beli cake yang ada aja.. Kecewa deh...

The Menu

Black Forest Cake (S$10)

Menurut gw overall cake nya biasa aja.. Nothing special... Emang katanya yang terkenal yang mest pesen terus chef nya buat.. tapi sayang ga sempet nyobain.. 

Lauren Bernard Chocolatier
5B Portsdown Road #01-02
Singapore 139311

Telephone: +65 6475 4182
Fax: +65 6300 0691

Marina Barrage

Habis dari portdown-robertson quay- the last is MARINA BARRAGE..
Pemandangan dari sini bagus banget... I love marina barrage.. Nah.. orang yang mau pacaran.. Boleh ni kesini.. View nya bener-bener bagus.... Kalo sore-sore, diatas banyak yang main layang-layang..

Marina Barrage

View from Marina Barrage
Marina Barrage bagian atas

FYI.. menurut wikipedia.. marina barrage is a dam in Singapore built across the mouth of the bay, between Marina East and Marina South..

Marina Barrage
8 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018951


I love dessert so much.. Terus temen gw seorang barista bilang ada dessert coklat yang terkenal di Portsdown.. Tapi karena kita nunggu yang lain dateng, jadi kita mampir dulu ke Coolbar.. Coolbar is his heaven.. why?? Karena dia suka banget sama beer dan disini ada berbagai macem beer yang jarang ada dimana-mana..

His heaven.. Banyak banget kan jenis beer nya

Strawberry Mixed Pear Cider (S$10)

Karena gw ga terlalu suka minuman alkohol, jadi gw pesen yang ga kadar alkoholnya ga terlalu besar.. Rasanya sih enak, tapi karena alkohol muka gw cepet merah.. So temen gw deyh yang abisin..

Colbar - Colonial Bar
Portsdown Road