Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ming Village (revisit)

Yey... Sunday lunch with my dad friends and his family, my grandparents, auntie, sis, mom n dad.. :) Family time... Anw.. click here to see my previous visit..

Jellyfish.. I forgot the price.. but this jellyfish really taste good.. Make me wanna eat more and more.. :D

This is one of my fav dim sum.. Hakao Special (18.8k), this is with shrimp inside.. So yummy.. the shrimp is fresh..

Idk the name, but this is fried something with shrimp inside, got mayonaise for the dipping.. I like it too.. :p

Beef Tepan ala Malay (118k - small), hmm.. the beef quite tender. but the taste just okay

Tim Lo Mai Kai (16.8k), hmm.. the taste just okay..

Steamed Minced Pigeon Soup in Bamboo Tube (28k/pax), the taste is good.. Is our family favorite..

Peking Duck (218k - whole), I like the peking duck, they cut really thin and crisp... Yummy..

This is the sauce and cucumber for the peking duck..

Fried Prawn with Mayonnaise Sauce (108k - small), the prawn actually really fresh and big, the taste also nice, but have after taste.. Hard do explain..

Deep Fried Gurame Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce (26k / 100gr), I like the fish, but the sauce taste a bit bland..

This is the minced meat of the peking duck, eat with the lettuce.. Love it..

Sauteed Fried Chicken with Chili in Ming Village Style (68k - small), I like this fried chicken, its crisp, but a bit salty, but taste good..:)

Sauteed Scallop with Vegetables and XO sauce (148k - small), hmm.. I like the scallop, they cooked perfectly, but I dont like the veggie, the taste is bitter, dont know why.. But usually not taste bitter.. >.<

Birthday Noodles with Quail Eggs (72k - small), the taste usually is good, but maybe I'm already too full,  so just taste standard.. haha..

Ming Village
Senayan City 
3rd Floor
(021) 72781627

Friday, February 17, 2012

Seafood City by Bandar Djakarta

Okay.. its Friday.. as u know.. Its the hellish day in the week.. Traffic jam everywhere.. But my dad wanna bring us to Pluit to eat in Bandar Djakarta... Actually this is also birthday dinner for my mom and my bro "farewell" because tmr he'll go to SG.. 

Okay.. at first, me and my sis very lazy going here.. because we think that we quite often eat in Bandar Djakarta, and nothing special.. But when we arrive... we change our mind.. The place so nice.... Really really really nice... Unfortunately we arrive ard around 6-7pm, the sky already become dark.. hixx...

Kangkung Terasi (15.8k), kangkungnya enakkk... beda sama kangkung terasi yang di bandar djakarta alam sutra..

 Tahu Isi Udang (22.8k), Ini isinya sayur, terus ada udangnya.. enak...

Keong Macan (118k per kg), yang di foto itu 625gr jadi 73.75k.. Klo yg ini gw ga coba.. soalnya gw geli and ga pernah makan ini..

Kelapa Batok Murni (15k)

Kepiting King Jantan (248k per kg), ini 785gram, sekitar 194k, kepitingnya enak... fresh.. dagingnya banyak and gede2.. nyammmm... =9

Cumi Goreng Tepung (78k per kg), kalo yg digambar cuma 1/4kg, jadi skitar 22k.. Cumi nya enak.. gw suka... =9
Kerang Batik (42.8k per kg), ini digambar sekitar 400gram, 18k.. oke lah.. bumbunya jg not bad..

 Kerang Kampak Jumbo (22.8k - 1pcs), ini gw ga coba.. harusnya enak sih..

Durian Goreng (24.8k - 3pcs), ini super enak.. garing gitu luarnya, dalemnya kek custard durian, enakkk...

Ikan Kerapu Lumpur Hidup (248k per kg), yang digambar 700gram, sekitar 173k, bumbunya ok, kerapunya ok.. tapi bumbunya rasanya agak manis gt..

Udang Pancet Super masak Bakar Madu (208k per kg), ini 5-6 ekor sekitar 97k.. Udangnya super fresh.. enak deh..

Pas pulang ada jalanan kek jembatan, bisa buat foto2.. hehe..

Oya.. disini kena cooking charge 92k plus tax 10%..

Seafood City by Bandar Djakarta
Green Bay Pluit
Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu Blok B1 Utara
Muara Karang - North Jakarta

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Food Republic

Day 4
This is the last day of my SG trip.. :'(

This is from Yong Tau Fu (S$4.9 - 7pcs) Hmm.. actually my sis the one who want to eat this, but my sis said that the YTF in here is not that good..

Ice Teh Tarik & Milo Dinosaur.. I forgot the exact price.. Hmm.. I like the milo dinosaur... :)

Cheese Prata (S$2.5), because my sis wanna eat prata, so we ordered this even we already full.. But this prata taste really good.. So yummy... I want to eat this again..

Food Republic
313 @Somerset
Level 5

Friday, February 10, 2012


Day 3 (cont..)

From ION, we went to Mandarin Gallery to having some dessert in antoinette... 


I like the plate and the napkin with A logo.. Very elegant and classy.. :)

Antoinette (S$9)

Inside the antoinette ^^

I ordered this cake.. Hmm.. I like this cake.. actually this a mousse cake.. The mousse very soft.. Even this is dominant with the chocolate flavor, but I still can taste the earl grey.. Then there is something crunchy, taste like caramel or praline or nougatine in the bottom.. and the sponge cake inside the mousse also taste good and soft..  In the top of the mousse cake, there is something like a balloon.. if u prick it, it will come out raspberry liquid if I'm not wrong.. I think the that ballon made from jelly.. Overall taste good.. Must try.. :D

My sis ordered Strawberry Shortcake (S$8), Hmm.. the sponge cake is soft.. I like the cream.. The strawberry also fresh.. The taste is light.. I like this too.. :)

I like the glass, so I took the pic of this glas.. ^^

They don't have bill folder, they using this box to give the bill.. Cute, right?? Oya.. the price is exclude of the service charge 10% and GST 7%

This is the last pic.. I took from my instagram.... :)

Mandarin Gallery
33A Orchard Road