Friday, July 14, 2017

Room 4 Dessert - Ubud, Bali

The Menu

Pretty Plates

Red : (rosella cream, beetroot cake, watermelon, dragonfruit, strawberry).
This is my 3rd fav, is light.

Pandanbert : (pandan pannacotta, salak tatin, kacang hijau, nutmeg)
Is just alright for my liking. It was light the taste, nothing too strong.

White Chocolate, Black Heart
White Chocolate, Black Heart :  (cocoa butter cake, tamarind, kemangi sorbet, injin meringue)
I like this, love the meringue, cleanse the palate, is only the sorbet was icy and too cold.

Taro Card

Taro Card : (taro pudding, toasted coconut gelato, jackfruit, tarragon, soy meringue)
For this one, i like to eat separately. I dont like the taro pudding, but i love the tuile (oats and a bit tangerine), and the jackfruit itself is not sweet, kinda bland.

The Sugar Refinery
The Sugar Refinery : (coconut nectar chantilly, chocolate toblerone, soursop, balinese meringue)
It was all make from sugar. Is all good, balance well the flavour, the soursop is really good, the sable made from bittersweet. The toblerone made from  cocoa paste and palm sugar and roll thin.
This dish was my 1st favorite!!! Love it!!

ps: tips and tricks to make balinese meringue : 30% water + 70% egg white, cook into 84 degree C, freeze to -9 degree C, then whipped it like meringue.

Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man : (sorghum pain d'epice, passionfruit curd, crackerjack, long pepper)
The sorghum tuille with coconut is so good. The flavour match well.
This was my 2nd favorite!!

Ghostface Keller
Ghostface Keller : (doughnut, reblochon cream, papaya, apple tatin, cocoa nibs)
Reblochon cream made from cheese, strong flavour. The papaya rub with balinese spices, not a fan of it

Vanilla Brûlée
Vanilla Brûlée : (a classic with gula local and balinese sea salt)
Even the photo not appetising and looks ugly, but nothing goes wrong with classic dessert. They put lime turmeric bitter in the vanilla brûlée. It was a nice creme brûlée, melt in the mouth, taste good with the sea salt as well.

Housemade Croissant

The croissant is good, flaky outside, they made it by hand!!

Chocobubbles : (mom's cookie, kluwak, warm mousse, "nibs" nougatine)
I love it, it was nice, even is chocolate, but not too heavy, the crunch from the nougatine make a good texture.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Love to comeback when they change the menu. It was interesting combination and flavour.

Room 4 Dessert
Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Kedewatan, Ubud
Kabupaten Gianyar - Bali

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bali Trip "Day 1 Itinerary" (Babi Guling Chandra, Gusto Gelato & Tip n Tricks)

Hi again!!

2 weeks ago I just came back from my holiday..
I'm still in holiday mood now!!!
I went to Bali - Singapore - Jakarta.
The main purpose of my holiday is to attend my best friend wedding in bali..

I stayed in Bali for 7 days and 6 night. From 13-19 July.
And stayed in 3 different hotel and location..
13-15 July : Ibis Style Petitenget (strategic location, close to everywhere, included breakfast)
15-17 July : Mercure Nusa Dua (the worst hotel ever)
17-19 July : Watermark Hotel Jimbaran (love this hotel, the staff is nice, the room is nice, only a bit far)

Tip & Tricks: I search the hotel price to hotel combines cause it tell you the price from different website and I found out Agoda is the cheapest (but still double check those other website), and sometimes Agoda have 5-10% voucher discount code that you can use in today deals.. And before book through website, check as well the price through mobile apps, sometimes mobile apps have different offer and can get cheaper price than in the website (i got cheaper price when I book hotel in Jakarta)

I rent a car+driver+petrol (all in) is IDR 350k for 12 hour (around AUD 3.5).
Extra hour is IDR 35k/hr
Half day (because i arrive around 4-5pm) i just need to pay 250k.
I got this contact number from my friend.
The tour name is Teratai Tour Travel (Bali Wayan) : +6285792629544
He have few drivers, so the driver can be always same, but can be different as well.
I book the driver through WhatsApp, and I just need to pay deposit 200k to his bank account.
And the rest of the money I just pay after I finish my trip or a day before I finish my trip (transfer to the bank again).

- ask for good driver who know places and can speak english. (Bli Made - recommended)
- the first 3 days, I got a new driver that don't know any places and I need to use google maps, and he took a wrong way and go around and around and end up 2 hr in the road, is suppose to be 1 hr. After that I asked for changing driver. The new driver that don't know places was nice, but I'm in holiday and I don't know about Bali, so I want the driver that know about places and not asked me about map and how to get there. (Bli Kadex - NOT recommended)    

Money Changer
after i did research from tripadvisor, blog, etc. Is better to change the money in Bali than in Sydney or in airport, cause in Bali money changer you get better rate, just bring AUD50 / AUD100 note to bali, and find a good money changer to change it.

The Story
So my flight from Sydney to Bali is at 10.15am and I arrive in Bali is at 15.10pm.
But I got out from airport around 5pm.. Yes.. took 2 hr for the immigration.. Super long queue.. :'(
Then the driver pick me up and went directly to the hotel.. and it took 2 hr because of the traffic jam.
I arrive around 7pm and the do check in..

We went out for dinner, firstly I want to try Bu Dayu, but the driver said that Bu Dayu is near airport, so he took us to another Babi Guling place called Babi Guling Candra.

The place don't have any menu, they only sell two item : pork and chicken.

Babi Guling (IDR 50k / plate)

zoom in what we got

the soup
After I eat to different place of babi guling, I just found out Babi Guling Chandra is quite expensive compare to the others and the taste is just alright. The chilli was so spicy which is good, just be careful don't mix it with rice if you can't handle spicy.
Oh I ordered Sweet Ice Tea and Ice Tea (@13k) plus pork crackling (@40k/pack)

After we had dinner, we went to Gusto Gelato.
People said Gusto is quite famous in bali..

I ordered small - IDR 22k, you can choose 2 flavour. I choose Straciatella and Crunchy mascarpone. I don't like the gelato cause I can't really taste the flavour except taste sweet..

Babi Guling Candra
Jl. Teuku Umar, Dauh Puri Kauh

Gusto Gelato
Jl. Mertanadi No.46B