Monday, August 22, 2011

Pasta Waraku

In April my campus make an event and Pasta Waraku gave a workshop about how they make the sauce and cooked the pasta.. My friend who tried their pasta in the workshop said this pasta with green sauce was nice.. So when I went to Taman Anggrek, I tried this pasta..

Scallop Squid Basil (68k), the taste for me just so-so.. Maybe because I don't really like basil.. But I like the scallop, they cooked it perfectly.. and the pasta also cooked al dente.. =9

Pasta Waraku
Mall Taman Anggrek
Level 2

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ten Ten

Me and my sis curious with this new restaurant.. Still one company with bakerzin, sushi tei, etc.. So.. we decided to try..

I like this.. it's cute and have the story that you can read while you waiting your food..

Mini Tempura & Salmon Teriyaki (80k), not just the tempura that is mini, but the salmon is mini too... :( Is too pricey for me.. 80k but just like this.. :'(  Anw FYI this restaurant special is their tempura.. You can choose the tempura to be spicy, original or with blackpepper.. And also served with miso soup..

Mini Tempura & Beef Teriyaki (50k), the taste just standard, nothing special..

Iced Matcha Latte (18k), hmm... because I like green tea so I quite like this drink.hehe.. but I prefer Hot Green Tea Latte in starbucks.. haha.. But different price, different taste you get.. But this drink not bad.. Nice also... If you like green tea, you can try to order this drink..

Green Tea Mousse (20k), the presentation is nice.. hehe.. they served with cold milk, the mousse inside quite soft and nice, there is like a sponge cake in the bottom of the mousse, and the outside is quite.. Difficult to explain in english..  Like hard shell you can crack it with spoon to see the mousse inside.. Do you get what I mean?? >.< Sorry.. My english not good, so hard to explain it.. >.<

Matcha Kakigori (18k), I like this dessert.. I like the shaved iced, very smooth, like a velvet.. And still can taste the matcha.. The 3 white mini ball is motchi.. hehe..

Ten Ten
Plaza Indonesia
Level Basement #16-19

Friday, August 19, 2011

La Biere

After watched Kungfu Panda 2 with my friends, we decided to try La Biere.. When we come, the place a bit crowded because a lot of guest eating in outdoor area.. Then we decided to eating in indoor area, but there are not enough chairs for all of us, but they just told us to wait.. When we see the empty chair, the waiter also not give us that chair, until we have to take the chair by ourself.. And many more things.. At that time I feel like this restaurant service really sucks, I mean not well-trained.. Many staffs, but they work so slow, not attentive, and like don't know what to do.. Actually I don't know why they like that, maybe because too crowded or what.. but when my other friends came here in the afternoon-evening, they got a good service, even not very attentive.. Hmm.. Maybe it's my unlucky day.. hehe..

La Biere Fungi Pizza (48k), this is pizza with beef bacon and fungi mushrooms, but the beef bacon too little until we can't see at the picture.. hehe.. But the taste nice.. I like thin crisp pizza.. Yummy.. make me want more.. :)

Molten Choco Cake (35k), they said need to wait 20 minutes, but the fact more than 20 minutes, until my food already finish, but the cake still not come out.. At first I already said to serve it together.. And then.. this is make me really disappointed.. I know if molten choco means inside have the melted choco.. But the melted choco I expected like the real molten choco cake..  Hix.. U can see from the picture the melted choco very watery, and the taste like "susu kental manis".. But I don't know.. The normal molten choco cake I know not like this, but maybe this is their unique molten choco cake.. Maybe..

La Biere
Central Park - Tribeca Ground Floor

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I heard from my friend that nuzzy's pasta cooked al dente and very nice with descent price.. So.. I tried to eat in here.. I tried nuzzy that located in Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutra.. They used brick as the wall, the place quite nice.. The weakness just one, too many mosquitos.. >.<

This is the cover of the food menu, I like the pictures, so cute.. hehe..

BlueBubble Lemon (22.5k), this is blue curacao syrup with lemon lime soda.. The taste?? very bland.. you can see all is ice, between the lemon slice layer also a huge ice ball.. haha.. Not good.. :(

I ordered Jim's Special (39k), this is pasta sauteed with creamy sauce and fried dory.. I admit that the pasta cooked al dente, firstly I eat, I taste it good, but the more I eat, I taste so standard and I almost not finished my pasta, maybe because they very generous gave the pasta.. haha.. Okay.. Now we talk about the fish, the fish actually nice, but some part a lil bit salty for me.. >.< But my friend who said salty said that's taste okay.. :)

My friend ordered Aglio Smoked Beef (39k), this is with mushrooms, smoked beef, chili, and basil.. Hmm.. I always like the pasta that cooked al dente.. And the taste is nice.. Oily but not too oily.. Like this.. :)

This is La Spezia (39k), pizza with grilled chicken breast and pineapple.. The taste okay lah.. not too bad, but not so good also.. hehe.. Anw.. this is thin crust pizza, so I like it.. :D

Flavor Bliss Extension #21
Alam Sutra-Tangerang

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Singapore Food

Wohoo.. Me and my best friend went to Singapore.. And today is our last day in Singapore, after finish packing, we left our place then grab some breakfast near our place, which is the famous Killiney Road..

I order the Hainamese Chicken Rice (S$3.8), quite cheap ryt?? and the chicken so tender, juicy, and YUMMY.. Like this so much..

Durian Ice Cream with Bread (S$1), in Orchad Road.. =9 can choose wanna with bread or wafer..

This is Takoyaki Gindaco (S$3.8), at ION Orchad.. So delicious.. I'm queueing quite long to get this..

Egg Prata (S$2.5), this is at Food Court in Marina Square.. But I don't like it.. I prefer prata in Spize.. hehe..

Friday, August 12, 2011

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier (revisit)

Yeyy.. Finally I went to Laurent Bernard again.. Click here to check my previous visit..

Last time when I went to Portsdown, I can't try the souffle because the chef already going to Robertson Quay.. FYI, they have 2 outlet, one in Portsdown and the other one in Robertson Quay..

Actually I'm craving for Chocolate Souffle in here, because I read in Singaporean blog the chocolate souffle in here is the best choco souffle in singapore.. So here my review.. :)

Free Water

I ordered Guananja Chocolate Souffle (S$14), served with raspberry sorbet and choice of choco or vanilla sauce... Hmm.. The taste?? The souffle not smooth like the souffle I ate in bakerzin.. The top of the souffle also too dry and a bit crispy, u can see from the picture, and I can taste the egg.. I'm very disappointed and this is under my expectation.. huhu.. a lil bit sad.. I don't know why the taste like this, till I'm not finish my souffle.. Maybe because the chef not here yet, and his assistant the one who make it.. I want the souffle that the chef make it...... :'(

My friend ordered Warm Chocolate Cake (S$9.80), served with vanilla ice cream.. The taste?? my friend said its lovely.. the chocolate cake melted inside and it's used valrhona chocolate.. The white one in the middle is vanilla whipped cream..

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
The Pier @Robertson Quay
80 Mohamed Sultan Road

Senses Patisserie

I visit Marina Mandarin Hotel because I miss this place so much.. Actually I miss the people who nice to me when I'm do my internship... :)

This is the place I internship before, Atrium Lounge at Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore.. This is Bar 2 and Senses Patisserie..

This is the pastry display at Senses Patisserie.. So tempting...

This is the bar display for bar 2..

This is one of the signature cake in Senses, Choco Crunchy Hazelnut (S$7), I love this cake so much.. Yummy.. I can taste the crunchy mix with the choco.. the mousse also very smooth.. lovely cake... Beside this I also like the tiramisu cake, fruit tart, blueberry muffin, and raspberry crumble.. C'est delicieux.. but I don't have the picture.. Huhu... But if you holiday or in Singapore, must try the cake in senses.. :D

Senses Patisserrie
Marina Mandarin Hotel
Level 4
6 Raffles Boulevard


I love Subway.. Why?? because I can choose what I want and what I like.. Yummy.... =9

I ordered Subway Melt 6 inch (S$5.90), for the bread I choose honey oat bread, with ranch and honey mustard sauce.. Yummy.. This is turkey, ham, crispy bacon and cheese..  I like this alot.. :D

Beside that I ordered the subway meals, sandwich include 2 cookies and drink only S$8.20..
For the cookies, I choose the Choco Chip Cookies and Raspberry Raisin or Oat (I forgot).. But I like the cookies.. :9

For the drink, I just choose Iced Lemon Tea, if you want to refill, you just need to add S$1..

For the sandwich, I ordered Italian B.M.T, this is with salami, peperoni, ham, and cheese.. I also like this sandwich, and of course I always choose honey oat bread with honey mustard and ranch sauce...
Nyam.. nyamm.. =9

Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-207