Saturday, July 14, 2012

Raja Begor

Bebek Rawit (29k) + nasi uduk (7k), ini dagingnya dikit, ga tau kenapa.. yang diatas nasi itu kaldu bebek, sama itu urap kalo ga salah yang sayur2 sebelah bebek..

Bebek Rawit - cabe pisah (29k) + Brown Rice (7k)

Bebek Kremes (29k) + brown rice (7k), kremes nya enak.. Yang bebek kremes ini dagingnya lebih banyak daripada bebek rawit.. ini dapet 2 cabe : sambel korek and sambel kemangi.. Overall gw sih suka sama bebek kremesnya.. enak... :D

Foto close up bebek kremes

Plecing Kangkung (14k), ini super pedes, padahal mintanya ga pedes... >.<

Karedok (15k), biasa aja ini..

Opak (13k)

Kerupuk Bawang (5k)

Teh Tawar Panas (8k) - MAHAL

Belom termasuk tax n service 15%

Raja Begor
Jl. Suryo No. 35
South Jakarta
(021) 722 0973

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grand Ni Hao

We decided to eat in here to celebrate my grandparent wedding anniversary...

okay.. firstly.. I don't like the service in here.. very not attentive.... I saw so many waiter and manager, but they not attentive.. we need to ask again and again,"can I change the plate to the clean one?" Usually in chinese restaurant, when the plate already dirty, they will change it without we ask.. but in here.. there are 5 manager, 7 staff (exclude runner, etc), and JUST 4 TABLE occupied.. with total around 16 cover/guest.. but they not gave a good service.. so bad.. what the function of so many staff.. >.<

Okay.. now lets talk about the food..

Crysanthemum Tea (16k/tea pot)

Fish Belly Soup with Seafood (22k),  I like the soup.. taste good..

Whole Wrapped Salted Chicken Ni Hao Style (145k - whole, 80k - half), this is whole size, taste okay, but nothing special..

Fried Birthday Noodle Ni Hao Style (65k - large), taste good.. but nothing special..

Roasted Duck (198k - whole, 105k - half), hmm.. just okay..

The sauce for the duck..

Steamed Garoupa Fish Hongkong Style (39k/ons), this is 8 ons - 312k, hmm.. I dont eat the fish, but I tried the sauce.. just okay..

Fied Yam Stick with Salted Egg & Chicken Floss (32k - small, 64k - large), hmm.. taste okay.. this quite unique and quite good... :)

Sauteed Tomeow with Garlic (49k - small, 98k - large), this is small size.. too oily..

Braised Homemade Beancurd with Shimeji Mushroom (43.5k - small, 87k - large), I like this.. taste good.. Yummy.. =9

Sauted Flower Clam with Singapore Sauce (48k - small, 90k - large), this is large size.. I like this.. the sauce very tasty, a bit spicy, but I think the clam overcooked..

Fish Belly with Scramble Egg (62k - small, 124k - large), this is large size.. nothing special, just okay..
Po Chay with Garlics (29k - small, 58k - large), this is large size.. just okay..

Overall I just like 3 dish : - fish belly soup, homemade beancurd, and singapore sauce clam.. :D

Grand Ni Hao
Flavor Bliss - Alam Sutera
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard
(021) 29005166