Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Day

Uda lama banget gw ga kesini... Ini deket kantor nyokap gw, jadi pas lg jemput nyokap.. Kita lunch disini..

Onion Ring (14.9k), I really really really love onion ring in here.. I'm very picky at food, usually with onion, shallot, garlic, etc.. this is the only place I can eat the onion ring.. It's very crisp and taste good.. The sauce also very tasty.. BBQ sauce if I'm not wrong.. Nyamm... =9

Gado-Gado (17.9k), my mom wanna eat this.. She said gado2 in here taste good.. But for me the taste just like standard gado2..

Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling (13.9k), this dumpling taste good.. The shrimp is big.. I like it..

Death By Chocolate (19.9k), this drink really good.. I love chocolate.. The taste like chocolate milkshake, but more rich of chocolate.. And served with choco ice cream, astor, chopped nut and hershey chocolate sauce.. C'est delicieux.. =9

Overall.. the food is good and the price is decent.. :D

Happy Day
Jl. Ir. H Juanda No.19
Central Jakarta

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pad @28

Hmm.. because I always passing this place on the way to my home.. So I search in google, is this restaurant or coffee shop and is this open for public.. Karena kalo dari luar kayak office, etc gitu.. So.. after I got what I want to know.. and this is open for public.. Gw langsung ajak ade gw kesini..

Tempatnya cozy gitu.. Enak buat nongkrong.. Oiya.. ini ada 2 lantai gitu..

They have lunch promo.. There are 4 type of lunch promo.. And we choose Lunch Promo 2 (99k), lunch promo contain of 3 course.. soup, main course, and dessert..

For the soup, Mushroom Cappuccino Soup.. Firstly I a bit confuse, is the soup contain coffee because the name have "cappuccino", but then the waitress explain that the name have "cappuccino" because they put foam on the top..  For the taste.. actually its okay.. I can taste the mushroom, but too thick and a bit too salty.. >.<

For the main course.. Grilled Salmon.. Hmm.. The salmon is tasteless... I don't really like it.. I just like the mashed potato and the sauce (the yellow one), the taste a bit sour and cheesy..

For the dessert, Dorayaki with Filling, actually I choose green tea filling, but they give one green tea, and the other one is ogura.. The taste?? I dont like it.. The dorayaki is not soft and hard.. the filling also taste weird.. the green tea smell like parfume..

Then I ordered another dessert.. This is Apple Crumble to Share (50k), this is baked apple crumble with vanilla ice cream.. I like this.. the apple taste good and still warm.. its very suitable with the ice cream and the crumble.. But the ice cream too little.. Oya.. this is good to share..

Sparkling Fresh Lemonade (30k), the taste is good.. sour and very refreshning..

p.s. : tax 10% and service 10% too.. :(

Pad @28
Pad Bar Bistro and Coffee Corner
Jl. Tulodong Atas No. 28
(021) 5874085

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tous Les Jour (revisit) & Killeney Kopitiam

Ini ketiga kali nya gw kesini.. check out my first visit in here.. and my second visit in here..
Gw ksini karena my lil sis wanna eat in here...

Cream Cheese Pastry (16k), gw pribadi ga suka ini.. pertama gw mikirnya cream cheese nya tu cheesy and asin2 soft gitu.. tapi ternyata rasanya agak manis2 gitu.. jadi gw ga suka.. aneh.. >.<

Pain De Choco (8.5k), hmm.. klo ini ok lah.. standard.. roti coklat gitu..

Minicastella (8k), ini menurut gw oke juga.. tapi biasa aja.. kayak kue bolu gitu..

Choco Chip Muffin (10k), kalo ini biasa aja.. ga enak2 banget, terlalu kering and agak keras..

Dari tous les jour, kita pengen teh tarik.. Jadinya ke Killeney Kopitiam and mesen 2 minuman ini..

Yang kiri Cold Tea Tariek (25k), hmm.. oke sih menurut gw teh tariknya.. Kalo yang kanan tu Cold Milo Tariek (25k), kalo yang milo gw ga terlalu demen sih.. soalnya terlalu manis gt..

Tous Les Jours
Senayan City
Level 5 - beside wendy's

Killiney Kopitiam
Phone: (021) 7278-1218
Senayan City, 4th Fl
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 19, Jakarta

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bakerzin (revisit)

Okay,, ini kesekian kalinya gw kesini.. And the first reason today kesini karena gw lagi pengen banget sama souffle nya.. hehe.. Oya.. check out my 1st visit in here, 2nd visit in here, and 3rd visit in here.. 

Raspberry soufflé (47.5k), as usual.. the raspberry souffle in here really yummy.. Very smooth like silk.. not too sweet.. Very suitable with the raspberry sorbet.. And today souffle more delicious then before, maybe because there is a bit of pistachio I think.. Just 1 word DELICIEUX.. =9

Champignon A La Creme (55k), this dish really good.. the mushroom very juicy, the puff pastry also good, every layer had butter and parsley.. make the taste more tasty... Yummy... =9

Ice Mint Varlhona Chocolate (32.5k), but.. there is a special price.. If you choose 1 of the main course favorite in the menu, you just need add 15k for this drink.. Hmm.. the taste okay lah.. I can taste the mint.. hehe..

Chicken Pesto Salad (55k), hmm.. this salad so standard.. I don't like it.. because the salad dressing taste sweet.. >.<

Homemade Special Lemon Tea (32.5k), this drink also cost 15k, because I ordered the salad.. hehe.. But this drink nothing special.. The taste a bit weird when the vanilla ice cream melted and mixed together with the drink.. >.<

Plaza Senayan 
2F Unit 231 A - 239 A
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sinou Steak (Revisit)

This is the second time ate in here.. check my previous visit in here..

Ice Lemon Tea (11k)

Rib Eye Wagyu (95k), I like this steak.. Even well done, ga keras gitu... Terus ga banyak lemak nya gitu.. Oya..  I choose mushroom sauce and I like it Yummy..

again.. and again.. Photo for instagram.. :D

Sinou Steak
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 35
Pas Sebelah Anomali
South Jakarta

Awfully Chocolate

This is the first time I tried awfully chocolate... 

Cold Poached Chocolate with Kahlua Cream (38k), hmm.. the taste quite okay.. really chocolaty.. but the cream really smooth and soft.. but the kahlua not taste strong.. hehe..

I like to post photo using instagram <3

Awfully Chocolate
Jl. Senopati No. 41C
(021) 573 1457
South Jakarta

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Okay.. I actually this is not the first time I eat this.. This is the SECOND time... but..... My first time I ate this, I don't really like it... but I want to try it again, because my friends wanna eat this. hahahha.. :p
So.. I ate this after I ate in Canton Bay.. From Living World.. change place to Summarecon Mall Serpong 2.. haha..

Blackcurrant Hot Tea (20k)

Churros Deluxe (48k), this is contain 6 churros and 2 dip choice.. We choose milk and dark choco.. Oya.. for the churros you also can choose wanna sprinkled with icing sugar or cinnamon or both.. haha.. Okay.. I ard told you before.. this is the second time.. But for me.. the churros nothing special.. I'm not fancy with this kind of food.. But my friends really like it.. haha.. Well.. its depend to people like I think.. hehehe..

Summarecon Mall Serpong 2
2nd Floor

Canton Bay

Okay.. this is the first time I eat in here.. After I watched movie in Living World.. We quite hungry.. But not too hungry.. So we decide to eat something not heavy.. Then when we passing Canton Bay.. we saw there's a promotion for the dimsum.. Buy 1 get 1 free... I forgot the time for the promotion.. but I think after lunch till 5.30pm..  Oya.. the buy 1 get 1 free, it can you choose all different dimsum and just pay the highest price, or buy 1 get 1 for the same item.. Its depend on what you want.. But I choose the first one.. hehe..

Cong Fan Cakwee (12.8k), hmm.. the taste quite nice.. the sauce taste sweet..

Siaw Long Bao (15.8k), hmm.. just okay..

Siew Mai (12.8k), I like this siew mai.. taste good.. Yummy.. =9

Lo Ma Kai (13.8k), this is lotus leaf glutinous rice.. hmm.. I ate this both lo ma kai.. the first one taste good, but the other one, the glutinous rice too dry.. 

XO Fried Cong Fan (13.8k), the first spoon I ate, I feel the taste just standard, nothing special.. But the more I eat, the more I like it.. This is really tasty.. I like the XO.. there's anchovy also in the seasonings.. Yummy.. =9

Oya.. the meat ball (13.8k) taste good.. I like it.. then.. szechuan dumpling (13.8k), for my liking, I don't really like it because I don't like the sauce, but my friend like it.. :) and Fried Tofu Skin Roll with Seaweed (14.8k) taste good too.. Sorry don't have the pic.. I'm too hungry.. so I forgot to take the pic.. haha..

Canton Bay
Living World
Ground Floor
Alam Suterta Boulevard Kav.21

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hakata Ikkousha

Finally gw bisa coba makan di Hakata Ikkousha.. Katanya enak banget ramen disini, temen gw selalu promosiin ini.. terus katanya mesti ngantri, etc... So gw super tertarik.. hehe..
Pas dateng ga tll rame, tp mesti ngantri sih.. tapi ga terlalu lama.. hehe..

Bawang putih buat dicampurin ke ramen kalo mau, klo gw sih ga pake, soalnya ga suka garlic..

Ni bumbu-bumbunya, ada kecap asin, oil, bubuk cabe, lada, etc..

Ni ada 2 macem cabe buat ramennya..

Ocha Dingin (8.8k - refill)

Ramen Babi Special (38k)

Ramen Babi special ini memang kuahnya agak berbeda dari ramen yang lainnya.. Hmm.. gw sih suka sama mi ramen and telor nya.. tapi  gw ga bs makkn daging babi nya karena banyak lemaknya. hehe.. Tapi menurut gw sih overall biasa aja, emang enak sih, tapi ga mpe enak banget banget.. haha..

Gyoza Babi Udang Bakar (35k - 6pcs), hmm.. gw sih suka gyoza nya.. tapi walopun enak, enaknya biasa jg.. hehe..

Ayam Goreng Jepang / Tori Karaage (28k - 3pcs), hmm.. kita pesen ini sih karena recommend dari orang.. Katanya enak.. tapi gw ga coba, soalnya ayamnya ada lemak2 nya.. gw ga bisa makan klo ada lemak ato urat gt.. hehe..

Hakata Ikkousha (博多一幸舎)
Jl. Muara Karang Raya No.85
North Jakarta
ph. +62 21 66600255
fx. +62 21 66670588