Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Grand Duck King Signature

Okay.. at first we want to eat in Mahakan, but I said I need to change my Ismaya membership to a new one and today is the last day.. So we went to Setiabudi One..

After change my membership card, we decide to eat at The Duck King because we never try the duck king in here... 

They said this duck king is more prestige, they add the name become THE GRAND duck king SIGNATURE... The interior design more elegant..

 wine cellar

Steamed Minced Pigeon Soup in Bamboo Tube (30k/pax), the bamboo is big, but actually the portion is very small.. haha.. the taste is good.. I more like the pigeon soup in here than in Ming Village..

Yin Yang Mocktail (27k), the concoction are passion fruit monin syrup, sprite, coke, and mix fruits.. The taste is sweet, but quite refreshening.. Okay lah..

Crysanthemun Tea (8k)

White Shell Clams in "Singapore" Style (40k - small), the taste standard.. Just okay..

Sauteed Beancurd and Seafood with X.O Sauce served in Clay Pot (68k - small), I like this.. All the seafood is fresh.. The beancurd also very yummy and soft...

 White Rice (9k)

Sweet and Sour Prawn with Chicken (56k - small), I like this too.. So yummy.. The prawn is big and fresh.. The chicken also taste good.. I like the sauce.. They use strawberry in the sauce.. nyammm.. =9

Steamed Live Scallop with Minced Garlic and Preserved Vegetables (22.8k - per piece), hmm.. I don't really like the scallop, maybe because I don't like garlic..

Stir Fried Assorted Vegetables with Black Fungus (42k - small), the veggie quite tasteless, maybe because we ordered without MSG.. But the veggies is fresh and taste sweet.. Overall the taste just okay..

Pickles (7k)

Chilled Mango Pudding (25k), I like the mango pudding but I don't like the white sauce that I assume is coconut milk..

Overall.. I enjoying eating in here.. The server also very attentive.. I like eat in the restaurant with good service.. :D

The Grand Duck King Signature
Setiabudi One GF Unit A108-117
(021) 5207080

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sandwich Bakar & Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang

Abis dari Central Park, mumpung lagi di daerah jakarta barat, gw ngajak temen gw pegi makan daerah sini, soalnya gw super jarang maen di daerah sini.. Pertama dia bilang ada bubur deket sandwich bakar yang enak.. Tp berhubung gw penasaran sama Sandwich Bakar, jadi kita nyobain ini..

 Kita pesennya Wheat Bread with Tuna Crispy (21.5k - small), ini ada 3 step..
Step 1: pilih rotinya mau apa:
white toast (6k - small, 12k medium), wheat bread (7.5k -small, 14.5k - medium), sama hot dog bread..
Step 2: pilih filling nya, ada macem-macem, kita milihnya yang tuna crispy (18k - small)..
Step 3: pilih additional, tapi ini kita ga mau pake additional..

Ini foto dalemnya.. Hmm,, rasanya enak sih.. cuma tuna nya ga berasa kayak tuna.. 
Tapi biasa aja, nothing special.. And menurut gw harganya ga worth it.. soalnya cuma gitu doank..

Sandwich Bakar
Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya 168
West Jakarta
(021) 7077 8387
Oke.. dari sandwich bakar, karena berhubung ini di sebelahnya, gw mau coba..
Kan katanya nasi uduk kebon kacang terkenal..

Bumbu kacang dikasih

 Ini nasi uduknya, per meja dikasih segini, ambil sendiri mau berapa..

 Rasa nasi uduknya biasa aja.. Nothing special.. Mungkin karena gw sebenernya ga laper and uda kenyang x ya..

Karena kita uda kenyang, and cuma pengen coba, jadi kita cuma pesen tahu, usus, sama ampela.. Gw cuma makan tahu, soalnya gw ga suka yang lainnya.. Rasanya ya gitu deh.. biasa aja.. hehe..

Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang
Sebelah Sandwich Bakar

Brussels Spring

Today.. I went to Central Park because I can't going home because of the demonstration in front of DPR/MPR.. hixx.. 

Luckily, I have best friend who live in the apartment mediterania, so she can accompany me.. Yeyy.. thanks to her.. :) 

Okay.. after we wandering around, then we decide it to hang out in Brussels Spring..
This is the first time I went here, the interior design so cute and fun..

Frozen Hot Chocolate (25k), the taste just like ordinary milk chocolate.. hehe..

Caramel Cheese Waffle (37.5k), this is waffle with caramel sauce, cheese sauce, and ice cream.. For the ice cream you can choose the flavor.. There are 16 flavor... and we choose belgian chocolate.. I like the waffle, very crispy.. And the caramel sauce not too sweet.. Overall the taste is good.. 

Brussels Spring
Central Park - Tibreca Park
West Jakarta

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Cafe

Today is my parents wedding anniversary and my grandpa birthday.. So they celebrate it at The Cafe Hotel Mulia... 

Japanese Section... I like the sushi.. Fresh and yummy.. Actually there are sashimi, like salmon, tuna, etc.. but I don't eat sashimi, so I'm not take it..

Still in Japanese section.. the left is something with potato.. The right is mushroom and shrimp..

Assorted cheese and Indian cuisine.. I like the cracker, cheese, and ham.. The pizza standard.. the one look like chips taste good too..

Naan Cheese.. You need to order first if you want this.. I like this alot.. so yummy.. the cheese melted inside.. =9

This is the sauce for naan cheese, like red curry with chicken.. but I don't like the taste..

Pasta section.. They cooked when we order.. we can choose the topping.. and I choose salmon, scallop, and shrimp.. I like the rissoto.. Nyamm.. nyamm..

My sis order this.. Penne cream with salmon and smoked beef.. But too salty.. >.<

Grilled Beef.. Nyamm.. nyamm..

Thailand section.. Tom Yam Soup.. You also can choose the topping.. I choose, squid, prawn, clams, fish cake, scallops, etc.. yummy..

Chinese section.. I just took the dimsum.. but the taste not really good.. I don't like it..

Soup..... quite nice.. You also can choose the toppings..

Yeyy.. now move to dessert section.. All the dessert looks tempting.. Huaaa.. I want to eat all.. >.<

Creme Brulee Pistachio and Vanilla

Mix plain and peach yogurt with assorted toppings

Strawberry and melon fondue with a lil bit of bread n butter pudding

Overall.. Most of the food taste good.. For me, The Cafe is the best buffet hotel restaurant.. :D Many kinds of food, and the taste also good.. There are India, Italian, Chinese, Indonesian, Thailand, Japanese, Seafood, Grill, and Dessert Section... :D

The Cafe
Hotel Mulia
(021) 5747777