Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jewel Box

Yeyyy... My barista friend, Mr H brought me here.. Firstly I don't know about this place in Singapore.. Oya.. this place quite far.. I suggest you, using car or motorbike, more easier.. Hehe.. If I'm not wrong this is near Mount Faber and you can get in cable car from here.. :)

The View

Awesome ryt?? :)

If you like to go to some place to see a nice view, I suggest you go to here.. It's a romantic place for couple too... In here also have some restaurant.. But I don't know what the name.. Click here to know more about Jewel Box-Mount Faber.. Hehe.. :)

Jewel Box
09 Mount Faber Road
Singapore 099203
Phone (65) 63779688

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