Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ristorante Bologna

Wohoo.. After finish my internship in Marina Mandarin Singapore.. Now it's the time to try eating in one of the restaurant and become a guest.. hehe.. Ristorante Bologna is an Italian restaurant, the restaurant dominant with white, black, and blue.. I like the ambience in this restaurant, even fine dining, but still feel cozy.. :)

This is Mango Rose (S$18), this is one of their specialities mixology mocktail drink.. The concoction is rose syrup and mango juice.. I like the taste.. But more taste the mango..

Hmm.. I like how the cooked the scallop perfectly, but for me, the taste a bit tasteless.. hehe.. And for the tomato and mozzarella.. hmm.. I don't really like it too, but not because the taste not good, but because I don't like tomato.hehe..

This is what I ordered, Parpadale something.. I forgot this is with lobster sauce or crab.. but I like it.. the pasta cooked al dente.. The flavor also rich.. =9

Fried Calamari, hmm.. for me the taste is good, but I more like if they give more salt or something.. hehe.. Mungkin karena orang singapore ga suka yang asin-asin.. :p

This is lamb rack.. but I'm not try this one.. But if not wrong, my friend said this food taste good.

Yea.. I love the dessert.. because I'm too full, the chef prepare a light dessert.. This is italian choco ice cream with sliced fruit and bread (I don't know what kind of bread).. I just know that the taste is nice.. The taste of the ice cream really different from other ice cream, it's rich of chocolate flavor and this is home made ice cream.. :D

Ristorante Bologna
Marina Mandarin Hotel
Level 4
6 Raffles Boulevard - Marina Square

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