Sunday, November 25, 2012

Paris Baguette Cafe

Oh my baby crepe (S$8), there is a thin sponge between the layer crepes.. The cream is light, taste okay, but nothing special..

Mango Royal Pudding (S$4.50), I like this mango pudding.. super yummy.. the layer from top to bottom -> mango sauce, mango pudding, milk pudding, and in the bottom is like caramel.. nyammm..

Mango Cream Pie (S$9.50)

The mango cream pie is from puff pastry, and the filling is like almond cream, sponge cake, cream, and covered with fresh mango on the top.. I like the mango, taste sweet.. Overall taste good..

Paris Baguette
Wisma Atria
(+65)  68362010

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