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Hong Kong - Macao Trip "Day 4"

Hong Kong - Macao trip "Day 4"

We had breakfast at the same place that we had breakfast in day 2.. Click here to see the previous visit..

Toast, Sausages, and Ham.. Taste good, especially the sausages..

Pork Katsu, Eggs, Toast and Baked Bean Set (HKD 28), the set include drink, I choose Ice Lemon Tea (+ HKD 2).. I like the katsu and eggs, taste okay, but not the baked beans..

Ice Lemon Tea, lemon tea in here quite weird, is like tea with lemon slice.. can't really taste the lemon and not sour enough..

Grilled Pork Chop, Eggs, Toast and Baked Bean Set (HKD 28), for the drink my sis choose Hot Lemon Tea, hot drink no need extra charge.. I prefer the katsu than the pork chop..

Hot Lemon Tea

After finished our breakfast..
We went to Macao using Ferry "Turbojet" (HKD 170/person), we bought the ticket at travel agent, so the price is cheaper..

When we arrived in Macao.. We went to MGM hotel, then my lil sis saw this MGM patisserie while we went to the casino.. (She can't enter the casino because under 21 y.o).. So, after we came out from the casino, she took us to this patisserie and we try their cakes.. Click here to see the review..

This is some photos that I took in the hotel..

 inside the hotel "MGM Water Aurora"

 cute cookie

more cute cookies

Next stop is the famous Lord Stow's Bakery.. Click here to see the review about the famous egg tart in Macao..

From the famous bakery, we went to Senado Square to Ruins of St. Paul's..

Ruins of St. Paul's

I you see or follow my instagram (@gabriellaharianto), maybe you already see this picture.. Feel free to follow or like my pic in instagram, but please don't copy or repost without give a credit.. Please respect.. (When I was in HK, I just found out that someone use my photo that I post in instagram and re-post it again like it was her picture) :''(

The view from the Ruins of St. Paul's

After my sis finish take the picture of Ruins of St. Paul's, we walk back and stop in several food stall.. 

This is the first food stall that we stop by..

Fish Cake, Fish Ball, Crab Ball, Tofu Skin (MOP 31 - 4 pcs), this serve with curry sauce.. The curry sauce a bit too salty for my liking.. But overall taste okay..

The next food stall is Hot Star Large Fried Chicken..

We bought the Large Fried Chicken (MOP 30), unfortunately I forgot to take the pic of the food.. :'( anw in here, we can't ask to cut the chicken into small pieces, they not allowed.. The taste was good..

Not far from this stall, we stop at this stall.. Loja De Comidas Sio Seong Hoi.. This stall selling dumpling..

Dumplings (MOP 1.5/each) + Bao (MOP 2/each), I just tried the dumplings, the fillings are pork and veggies.. But I don't like it, the skin too thick and the taste just so-so..

sauces for the dumplings

We also bought some snack/souvenir at Koi Kei Bakery, there are so many Koi Kei bakery in Senado Square and near Ruins of St. Paul's..

I bought Chewy Peanuts Candy with Black Sesame Seeds (MOP 30 - small) and Phoenix Egg Roll with Seaweed and Pork Floss.. I like the chewy peanuts candy.. Not too sweet and taste good.. For the Egg Roll, the taste quite okay, I'm not a fan of egg roll, but my lil sis like it..

Then we took bus to the Ferry Terminal, the ticket price more expensive at night (HKD 184)..

Night view at Ferry Terminal

We arrived at HK around 1 am if I'm not wrong, took bus and walk to home.. While walk to home, we passed by this restaurant and my mom want to try it..

Wonton Noodle (HKD 30), the noodle is thin and small.. There are 4 pcs wonton with prawn as the filling.. This is quite big portion with a lot of noodle.. Taste good..

Fish Ball and Fish Cake Noodle, this is also taste good.. I like the fish cake..

I don't know what kind of veggies this is.. But taste good, the veggies still crunchy.. I like it..

Soy Milk (HKD 7), taste good, not too sweet..

Total price : HKD 116

End the day by forget to bring the apartment key when we already arrive in the apartment, then going to the Hotel where my aunty stay to get the apartment key.. Arrive at their hotel around 3 o'clock in the morning, wake them up, have some chit chat, going back to the apartment.. and sleep at 6 o'clock in the morning.. What a tired day...

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