Friday, July 14, 2017

Room 4 Dessert - Ubud, Bali

The Menu

Pretty Plates

Red : (rosella cream, beetroot cake, watermelon, dragonfruit, strawberry).
This is my 3rd fav, is light.

Pandanbert : (pandan pannacotta, salak tatin, kacang hijau, nutmeg)
Is just alright for my liking. It was light the taste, nothing too strong.

White Chocolate, Black Heart
White Chocolate, Black Heart :  (cocoa butter cake, tamarind, kemangi sorbet, injin meringue)
I like this, love the meringue, cleanse the palate, is only the sorbet was icy and too cold.

Taro Card

Taro Card : (taro pudding, toasted coconut gelato, jackfruit, tarragon, soy meringue)
For this one, i like to eat separately. I dont like the taro pudding, but i love the tuile (oats and a bit tangerine), and the jackfruit itself is not sweet, kinda bland.

The Sugar Refinery
The Sugar Refinery : (coconut nectar chantilly, chocolate toblerone, soursop, balinese meringue)
It was all make from sugar. Is all good, balance well the flavour, the soursop is really good, the sable made from bittersweet. The toblerone made from  cocoa paste and palm sugar and roll thin.
This dish was my 1st favorite!!! Love it!!

ps: tips and tricks to make balinese meringue : 30% water + 70% egg white, cook into 84 degree C, freeze to -9 degree C, then whipped it like meringue.

Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man : (sorghum pain d'epice, passionfruit curd, crackerjack, long pepper)
The sorghum tuille with coconut is so good. The flavour match well.
This was my 2nd favorite!!

Ghostface Keller
Ghostface Keller : (doughnut, reblochon cream, papaya, apple tatin, cocoa nibs)
Reblochon cream made from cheese, strong flavour. The papaya rub with balinese spices, not a fan of it

Vanilla Brûlée
Vanilla Brûlée : (a classic with gula local and balinese sea salt)
Even the photo not appetising and looks ugly, but nothing goes wrong with classic dessert. They put lime turmeric bitter in the vanilla brûlée. It was a nice creme brûlée, melt in the mouth, taste good with the sea salt as well.

Housemade Croissant

The croissant is good, flaky outside, they made it by hand!!

Chocobubbles : (mom's cookie, kluwak, warm mousse, "nibs" nougatine)
I love it, it was nice, even is chocolate, but not too heavy, the crunch from the nougatine make a good texture.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Love to comeback when they change the menu. It was interesting combination and flavour.

Room 4 Dessert
Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Kedewatan, Ubud
Kabupaten Gianyar - Bali

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