Saturday, May 7, 2011


This is a Japanese Restaurant in Plaza Indonesia, near Kitchenette.. My daddy wanna try the food in here.. So.. here is the review..

Katsu Ramen Set, hmm.. the ramen taste okay.. the chicken katsu.. even the chicken crispy, but I don't really like, because still have the fat of the chicken (ga tau apa bhs inggrinya, pokoknya lemak nya gitu yg kenyel-kenyel.. ga suka.. >.<)

Salmon Katsu Bento, sorry.. forgot the price.. But I like the salmon katsu bento more than the ramen katsu.. the salmon really nice.. crispy outside..
For the dessert I forgot the name and the price.. But the taste okay lah.. 

Plaza Indonesia
Level 1, no. 19-19A

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