Friday, October 4, 2013

Sydney Fish Market

 We ordered Mud Crab.. The price is AUD 84.90/kg, the smallest crab is 885 grams..

 Then we choose the cooking style.. We choose Singapore Chili..

Singapore Chili Mud Crab (AUD 74.10 - 885grams), The crab meat taste sweet and yummy.. But the sauce not really taste good..

At Christie's Live Seafood also selling lobster..

Look.!! The lobster very tempting, right? *drool...

Fresh Seafood at different shop at fish market...

 They also selling flower..

 Inside the fish market..

 Actually this octopus look bigger than in this photo..

 Outside dining area..

 The yogurt so tempting..

 Kiwi dipped in chocolate..

 Banana dipped in chocolate and coconut flakes..

 Banana dipped in chocolate..

Strawberry dipped in chocolate.. Actually the strawberry is very big..

I bought one Strawberry dipped in Chocolate (AUD 3), I can't resist to not buy this big tempting strawberry.. The strawberry is big and sweet.. yummy.. Like it.. :D

In front of the yogurt and fruit stall, there is a supermarket selling fresh fruit..

Look..!! All the strawberry very big..

I like the word in this melon.. Take me.. I'm Ripe!!.. LOL..

 We brought this ice cream smarties because the packaging so cute and colorful..

Smarties Push Ups Ice Cream (AUD 3), this is vanilla ice cream with smarties.. Taste good..

Sydney Fish Market
Pyrmont Bridge Road
Pyrmont NSW 2009

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