Sunday, August 18, 2013

Union (revisit - UPDATED - CRONUT)


Cronuts fever from Ansel Bakery, NYC already come to Jakarta.. Some place that sell cronut are Union, Mandarin Oriental (need reservation 1 day before), and Publico (need reservation 3 hour before)..

I just tried cronut at Union..

Chocolate Vanilla Flaky Doughnut (35k)

There is pastry cream in the middle, on chocolate glazing on the top.. I like the taste of the pastry cream and chocolate.. For the cronut itself, its flaky, crisp outside, yet a bit greasy.. But overall taste good..


August 12, 2013

Union Signature Cake Sampler (150k for two)

We got 2 pot of tea.. We choose Gunpowder green tea and Ceylan O.P.. I like gunpowder than ceylan..

take from my instagram : @gabriellaharianto

left-right (Peanut Butter & Jelly - Red Velvet), for PB&J taste quite okay, can taste the peanut butter.. For red velvet, this is the best among all the cakes, moist, soft, not too sweet.. My favorite..

left-right (Cheese Cake - Praline), the cheese cake taste good.. I like it.. Number three of my fav cake in here.. For the praline, I ard write the review in my previous visit below.. :) *my second fav cake in here..

left (Pandan), I don't really like this pandan flavor, but my sis quite like it..

Nachos Con Carne Grande (70k), taste good, there is chili meat below the jalapenos.. the nachos crisp enough.. 

January 1, 2012

This is the fourth times I came here.. I came here because my friends from Aussie wanna try the food in here.. Hehe.. But we still full from eating at En Dining.. So we just ordered dessert.. Hehe.. Oya.. check uout my 1st visit in here, 2nd visit in here, and 3rd visit in here.. hehe.. :D

Okay.. firstly I wanna order Red Velvet cake, because the last visit, I taste the red velvet cake was nice.. hehe.. But unfortunately, today the red velvet ard out of stock.. hixx..

Praline Cake - 60k

I ordered Praline Cake (60k) to share.. First, second, and third spoon I still feel the cake very nice.. Its smooth, yummy, and in the bottom have something crunchy.. But not too sweet.. But after eating more and more.. I can't eat anymore.. *enek lama2* haha.. idk the english.. But its nice for share 3 or more people.. :D

Grand Marnier Creme Brulee (50k), I really like the creme brulee, very smooth and not too sweet.. And still can taste the grand marnier... But for the Orange blood sorbet, the taste more like mango.. Idk why.. But my friends have the same opinion like me.. Hehe...

Stark beer, I forgot the price,, around 45k or 75k, this is wheat beer from bali.. but my friend who order and drink this said that the beer taste not good.. and there is a promotion for this drink, buy 1 get 2.. hehe..

Fav cake : red velvet
Rate : 7.5/10 (for cakes/dessert only)

*all prices exclude tax 10% + service charge 10%

Plaza Senayan Courtyard
Ground Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8

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