Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fruit Paradise Cafe

Finally.. I can try Fruit Paradise.. I often passing fruit paradise outlet.. There are a lot of tarts on the display, and all looks so tempting.. All like fake tart, but the real ones also like the fake.. Confused...

Mango & Fresh Cream Tart

I ordered like a set, so 1 slice cake + tea (around S$5-7).. I choose Mango & Fresh Cream Tart.. This cake really delicious... The cake very soft, cream nya ga bikin enek, the mango sweet, then with served with mango sauce.. YUMMY..!!!

The tea pot and the tea cup very cute.. I like the transparent saucer and tea cup..

For the tea, I ordered Yuzu (something) Green Tea.. I forgot the exact name.. but the taste good..

Fruit Paradise Cafe
252 North Bridge Road
Basement 1
Raffles City Shopping Centre 

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