Saturday, June 30, 2012


September 3, 2011

Yeahh.. today is Saturday night.. Me and my friend firstly wanna having dinner at Tin Pan Alley, but when we arrived in there already full booked, so we change place to Canteen in Plaza Indonesia..

There is a promo cocktail in here 125k for 2.. So my friend and I ordered this promo cocktail.. My friend ordered this Margarita, if I'm not wrong.. I forgot..

Then I ordered this Blackberry Martini.. I more like the blackberry martini, because the taste more sweet.. 

Baked Nachos Guacamole (40k), I like the nachos because I like all nachos.. haha.. But this nachos even taste good, but they give the cheese too little.hixx.. and I don't see any guacamole (avocado dip).. :(

Pizza Diavola (60k), this is pizza with spicy pepperoni and mozzarella.. Hmm.. the pizza quite nice.. but its more nice if they sliced the pepperoni a bit more thiner.. hehe..

Carbonara Tagliatella (65k), this is a normal carbonara with bacon and cream sauce.. I like the taste of the sauce.. But I don't like the pine nut.. Hehe.. But overall taste is nice.. :)

..UPDATED.. (June 30, 2012)

Eggs Benedict (50k)

Eggs benedict -> toast brioche, beef bacon and hollandaise sauce.. I like the brioche, a bit crisp and sweet.. the bacon also crisp and tasty, the sauce just okay...

Canteen Burger (60k)

Hmmm.. there are eggs, beef patty, cheese, tomato, pickles, chopped shallot, and fries at side.. The burger taste okay, but not the best burger I ever

Sakura Spring (110k)
The concoction are japanese sake, strawberry liquer, and fresh strawberries.. Hmm.. the taste is a bit strong for me because I don't like alcohol drink.. but you can really taste the strawberry..

Lychee Ice Tea (35k), hmm.. can really taste the lychee flavor and they gave two fresh lychee..

Plaza Indonesia
5th Floor
Jalan M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350

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