Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grand Ni Hao

We decided to eat in here to celebrate my grandparent wedding anniversary...

okay.. firstly.. I don't like the service in here.. very not attentive.... I saw so many waiter and manager, but they not attentive.. we need to ask again and again,"can I change the plate to the clean one?" Usually in chinese restaurant, when the plate already dirty, they will change it without we ask.. but in here.. there are 5 manager, 7 staff (exclude runner, etc), and JUST 4 TABLE occupied.. with total around 16 cover/guest.. but they not gave a good service.. so bad.. what the function of so many staff.. >.<

Okay.. now lets talk about the food..

Crysanthemum Tea (16k/tea pot)

Fish Belly Soup with Seafood (22k),  I like the soup.. taste good..

Whole Wrapped Salted Chicken Ni Hao Style (145k - whole, 80k - half), this is whole size, taste okay, but nothing special..

Fried Birthday Noodle Ni Hao Style (65k - large), taste good.. but nothing special..

Roasted Duck (198k - whole, 105k - half), hmm.. just okay..

The sauce for the duck..

Steamed Garoupa Fish Hongkong Style (39k/ons), this is 8 ons - 312k, hmm.. I dont eat the fish, but I tried the sauce.. just okay..

Fied Yam Stick with Salted Egg & Chicken Floss (32k - small, 64k - large), hmm.. taste okay.. this quite unique and quite good... :)

Sauteed Tomeow with Garlic (49k - small, 98k - large), this is small size.. too oily..

Braised Homemade Beancurd with Shimeji Mushroom (43.5k - small, 87k - large), I like this.. taste good.. Yummy.. =9

Sauted Flower Clam with Singapore Sauce (48k - small, 90k - large), this is large size.. I like this.. the sauce very tasty, a bit spicy, but I think the clam overcooked..

Fish Belly with Scramble Egg (62k - small, 124k - large), this is large size.. nothing special, just okay..
Po Chay with Garlics (29k - small, 58k - large), this is large size.. just okay..

Overall I just like 3 dish : - fish belly soup, homemade beancurd, and singapore sauce clam.. :D

Grand Ni Hao
Flavor Bliss - Alam Sutera
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard
(021) 29005166

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