Monday, May 14, 2012

Firenze Patisserie (Macarons)

Hmm.. okay.. I just knew about this firenze patisserie because my friend told me that the macarons from firenze patisserie are delicious and the owner graduated from Paris... So, I'm a bit curious... I add firenze patisserie facebook and text to order the macarons... Minimum purchase of the macarons is 6 pcs..

I bought 6 pcs macarons (each 10k).. Hmm.. Okay.. I know you all will think this macarons too expensive and this just like homemade macarons, not in fancy store like bakerzin or monolog.. I guess you all will think like that because I think like that at first.. hahaha.. :p But... after I tried, this macarons are delicious... More delicious than macarons at bakerzin.. I like this macarons more because the macarons not too sweet and chewy,  more over  I can really taste the flavor of the fillings.. Yummm.. Yummm... =9

I ordered six different flavor..
White-green : Mint
Red : Raspberry
Yellow : Passion Fruit
Blue : Peanut Butter
White : Chocolate Coconut
Brown-red : Nutella

But for me personally, I really like the nutella (super yummy), then the second is chocolate coconut, third passion fruit (a bit sour), raspberry, peanut butter, and the last is mint (I don't really like this flavor)..
Oya.. I tried their Quiche Lorraine.. I like the crust, its crisp, and the filling very generous, if I'm not mistaken, the filling are mushroom and bacon/ham... >.<

courtesy from my instagram (gabrielzzzz)

p.s : next time I wanna try their other flavor of macarons and the cake.. All the cakes looks tempting and pretty in facebook.. >.<

Firenze Patisserie
Jl. H. Sainin C11
West Jakarta
(021) 532 0437 - 081398331990

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  1. Dear, mungkin mau nitip macaron dari Paris? Kebetulan saya sedang travelling..

    Ladurée Macarons
    Shipped directly from Paris

    Pre-Order hanya sampai 27 May 2013 jam 24.00 WIB
    Pick Up 29 May 2013 onwards
    Bisa diambil di daerah Jakarta Selatan atau Serpong.

    Box of 8 : IDR 305,000 (box warna pistachio)
    Box of 12 : IDR 455,000 (box warna rose)
    Harga sudah termasuk box dan bag Ladurée yang cantik.

    Pilihan rasa
    - Vanilla
    - Orange Blossom
    - Chestnut
    - Coffee
    - Salted Caramel
    - Praline
    - Marie Antoinette
    - Lemon
    - Pistachio
    - Red Fruit
    - Chocolate Yuzu
    - Rose Petal
    - Strawberry Candy Marshmallow
    - Raspberry
    - Chocolate
    - Liquorice

    Bingung pilihnya?
    Favorit saya Marie Antoinette, Pistachio, Rose Petal, Strawberry Candy Marshmallow dan Vanilla.
    Yang juga populer adalah Salted Caramel.
    Silakan dipilih rasa apa saja, bisa mix semua rasa, bebas.

    Untuk order hanya bisa dilayani via
    e-mail :
    Konfirmasi pembayaran bisa via:
    sms : +628561640077 (akan saya balas sms konfirmasi)
    Order hanya valid setelah pembayaran dikonfirmasi.

    Karena internet terbatas, sms mahal, please via e-mail ya.
    Atau sms info alamat e-mail, akan saya e-mail ke sis & agan.
    Hanya melayani pembeli serius.