Thursday, January 10, 2013

Garçon (updated)


Yey.. lunch date with my friend.. We tried set lunch menu 2 course (128k++)

There are 3 choices for the starter, I choose Crunchy Creamy Cheese Wrap with Green Salad.. I like the crunchy creamy cheese wrap, its like samosa but with creamy cheese filling.. but I don't like the salad, because the taste of the salad dressing is bland.. >.<

There are 4 choices for the main course, I choose Crispy Skin Barramundi with beurre blanc sauce and mashed potato.. I like the mashed potato, very soft and velvety.. Yummy.. The fish also not smell fishy.. I think the foam is beurre blanc foam, but I'm not sure, the taste is a bit sweet etc.. 

There are 3 choices for drink (mineral water, hot/ice tea, and café)

the price exclude service charge and tax


December 20, 2012

Dark Varlhona Chocolate Tart (60k)

The sugar dough taste goodand crisp, the chocolate taste good but i think its not really set yet, because more like liquid.. The ice cream taste lovely with real vanilla bean.. Yummy..

Homemade Lemonade (30k), just taste okay..

Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil (60k), this is my friend's food, he don't really like the first one because the truffle oil taste too strong, but then the chef change it with truffle oil on the side, and he like it..

Got this from garcon.. cute..

its macaron.. the white one taste better than the black one..

Will coming here again to try the food..

Plaza Senayan
Level 4 No. 410
South Jakarta
Twitter @Bistrogarcon


  1. Macaron-nya complimentary?

    1. iyaa... wkt tu baru buka jd complimentary