Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pan & Barrell (updated)


May 18, 2013

Mushroom Cream Soup (38k), ini enakk.. ada crouton dalemnya..

Cocobanda Blended (28k), ini concocotion nya banana sama chocolate.. enak sih.. kalo buat yg suka chocolate sama banana boleh pesen ini.. coklat sama banana nya berasa..

Ham and Mushroom Pizza (58k), ini isinya tomato sauce, beef bacon, mushroom and mozzarella.. hehe..  Ini oke lah.. enakan yg BBQ hickory..

Chicken Milanese (65k), this is deep fried milanese spiced chicken breast with a side spaghetti aglio olio.. Ini pas pertama x dateng, tempting ya.. tp pas di potong, ayam di dalemnya belom mateng, trus staff nya bilang mau diganti, kita uda nunggu lama sekitar 15 menit lagi, eh ternyata pas dateng yang kita punya ini cuma dimatengin doank, tapi keju nya uda ga ada semuanya.. :( And rasanya ga enak.. Menurut gw seasoningnya ga rata, ada yang asinnn, ada yang hambar.. Klo buat spaghetti nya juga ga enak, too bland..


December 30, 2012

Classic Virgin Mojito (30k), the concoction are fresh lime, mint, and soda water.. Taste okay..

Lychee Fizz (30k), the concoction are lychee fruits, muddled and topped with apple juice, mint leave, and soda water.. I like this.. but the apple juice taste too dominant..

Tortilla Nachos (35k), I like this nachos.. the dipping sauce taste good.

Potato Skin (forgot the price), taste good..

Stuffed Mushroom (38k)

This is my favorite... Really love their stuffed mushroom.. super yummy.. it have melted cheese inside.. Nyamm..
Spaghetti Beef Stroganoff (65k), I don't like this pasta... 

Hickory BBQ Chicken Pizza (58k), hickory BBQ sauce, smoked chicken, and mozzarella..  I like the crisp pizza..

Overall, I like all the finger food in here.. most of the finger food taste delicious...


August 25, 2011

My friend who live in Pluit says there is a new place called Pan & Barrell and this new place always full with the customer.. So we make a reservation a day before we wanna go there.. When I arrived at the place.. First impression : nice place to hangout.. When I see the menu, there's not much variation in the menu.. just few pasta, pizza, etc.. Anw, we choose sitting in outdoor area, and you know what?? a lot of mosquito.. huhu... because I wear short pants, all my leg get itchy because of the mosquitos.hixx.. T__T

Hot Chocolate Latte (25k), this is my friend's order, I didn't t try, but from the presentation, this drink looks quite nice.. :)
Lychee Fizz (28k), the taste quite nice.. I can taste the apple and the lychee.. If I'm not wrong there are lime, mint, lychee, apple, etc.. I forgot..

Baked Potatoes (35k), with herbs, bacon bits, and side dipping sauce.. The taste is okay, not bad, but I prefer baby potatoes in pancious.hehe.. The sauce is mayonnaise, and the bacon bits just not as many as I expect, you can see from the picture, on the top of the sauce.. But if you didn't want to eat a heavy meal, you can try to order this.. :)

Fettuccine Chicken Mushroom (52k), I really like this among the others pasta.. Don't know why, but the taste really nice.. even they cooked the pasta not al dente.. hehe.. but the taste was good.. =9

Tagliatelle Carbonara (52k), this is like a normal carbonara, cream sauce and smoked beef, but the taste not as good as the fettuccine chicken mushroom, I still don't know why, actually the based is same, cream sauce..

Linguine Seafood Marinara (52k), this is pasta with tomato sauce with mussels, squids, and prawn.. The taste just okay for my liking, it because I don't really like pasta with tomato sauce, but I like seafood, so I choose this one.. hehe.. Oya.. they serve this with a couple slices of garlic, if you don't like garlic like me, be careful of the garlic.hehe.. ^^

Spaghetti Amatriciana (48k), this with bockwurst sausage with spicy amatriciana sauce (the taste like spicy tomato sauce).. If you don't like spicy, I suggest you do not order this dish, because for me it's a lil bit too spicy.. hehe.. but if you like spicy, you can try to order this dish.. :)

Spaghetti Oglio Olio (48k), this is with chilli, smoked beef, and olive oil.. Hmm.. I don't try this, but my friend said she prefer Oglio Olio at Nuzzy's, because the taste in here not as nice as in Nuzzy's, even the taste in here also not that bad

The conclusion is..... the food in here just okay (Anw.. Peoples palate/like about the food different from one to other people).. but I admit this place nice to chillin' out with friends.. :D

Pan & Barrell
Ruko Crown Golf No. 27-28A
Pantai Indah Kapuk

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