Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I heard from my friend that nuzzy's pasta cooked al dente and very nice with descent price.. So.. I tried to eat in here.. I tried nuzzy that located in Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutra.. They used brick as the wall, the place quite nice.. The weakness just one, too many mosquitos.. >.<

This is the cover of the food menu, I like the pictures, so cute.. hehe..

BlueBubble Lemon (22.5k), this is blue curacao syrup with lemon lime soda.. The taste?? very bland.. you can see all is ice, between the lemon slice layer also a huge ice ball.. haha.. Not good.. :(

I ordered Jim's Special (39k), this is pasta sauteed with creamy sauce and fried dory.. I admit that the pasta cooked al dente, firstly I eat, I taste it good, but the more I eat, I taste so standard and I almost not finished my pasta, maybe because they very generous gave the pasta.. haha.. Okay.. Now we talk about the fish, the fish actually nice, but some part a lil bit salty for me.. >.< But my friend who said salty said that's taste okay.. :)

My friend ordered Aglio Smoked Beef (39k), this is with mushrooms, smoked beef, chili, and basil.. Hmm.. I always like the pasta that cooked al dente.. And the taste is nice.. Oily but not too oily.. Like this.. :)

This is La Spezia (39k), pizza with grilled chicken breast and pineapple.. The taste okay lah.. not too bad, but not so good also.. hehe.. Anw.. this is thin crust pizza, so I like it.. :D

Flavor Bliss Extension #21
Alam Sutra-Tangerang

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