Friday, May 31, 2013

Ramen Champion

I know about this place from my brother.. There are a lot of ramen stall with different brand inside here.. It is like ramen food court..
Seating area

This is the like an alarm that beep-ing when our ramen is ready, so we can go to the stall and take it..

This is how to eat the ramen that I order.. I order from Tai-Sho-Ken stall..
Step 1 : taste the original noodle without dipping into the soup
Step 2 : dip the noodle into the soup
Step 3 : eat the noodle
Step 4 : Add some spice if you like
Step 5 : When the noodle is finished, drink diluted soup with fish base stock..

Spicy Tsukemen (SGD 15 - regular 200gr)

You can choose hot or cold noodle, I choose the cold one..

This is the soup, the toppings are cha shu, egg, fish cake, seaweed, minced pork and bamboo shoot.. Anw the soup base is spicy soy sauce.. I like this soup, really tasty.. My friend also like this.. It taste really good when eating with the noodle.. YUmmy...

This is the fish base stock, you need to combine this with the diluted soup, so the taste of the soup not too salty..

My friend order this ramen from Bario stall.. Idk what the name of the ramen..
But this ramen is coming up with a big big portion.. The noodle also quite big..

Ramen Champion
Level 4

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