Sunday, March 6, 2011


I just know about this restaurant.. This is an authentic japanese food in Shangri-La Hotel.. Anw.. FYI.. they said that they will change their name.. If I'm not wrong, they will change into Nisimura.. hehe..

Salmon & Salmon Skin with Ikura Salad, I like the salmon skin, really crispy.. and because I don't eat sashimi, so I didn't triy the salmon sashimi..

Kamadaki Gohan (Salmon), the taste okay lha.. so-so for me.. hehe..

Shake Ikuka Chazuke (Salmon and Ikura on Rice with Green Tea).. Firstly I don't want to try this, because I just feel its weird.. Rice with green tea??? Big no-no.. but after I tried.. the taste of the green tea is "gurih".. So I like it.. hehe..

Shangri-La Hotel
1st floor
Jakarta Pusat

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