Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lobby Lounge (Four Season Hotel)

I came to Four Season Hotel because I need to meet my teacher (chef) for discussing some competition matter that will be held in Kemayoran..  Salon Culinaire 2011..
So.. me and my sis ordered high tea so she and my mom not bored when waiting for me..

We can choose 2 kinds of tea.. But the waitress so nice.. When they know we are 3 person.. She add one more tea cup for us..

This top plate is scones.. Second plate is mini cakes and the last plate is sandwiches.. I'm not try, but my sis said is good.. Not bad.. hehe..

Oya.. My mom said that the cheese cake in Four Season really good.. So I bought one, the taste is good.. I like it.. The cheese so smooth and like a velvet.. Not too sweet.. Have some crunchiness from the nuts, I don't know what kind of the nuts.. Yummy.. =9

Lobby Lounge
Four Season Hotel
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
Kuningan - Jakarta

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