Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kira Kira Ginza

My sis the one who wanna come here.. She read about the food review in someone blog, then she become curious and wanna try the food in here..

Complimentary - Sama Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Nabeyaki Udon (56k), for me the taste just standard.. nothing special.. hehe..

Mabo Tofu (34k), too salty.. If not too salty, I'll like it.. :)

Kuotie (49), I like this one.. really crispy and delicious.. =9

The waiter making the sauce for the kuotie

Beef Teriyaki (85k), one word.. YUMMY... I like this.. I like the tender of the beef.. The teriyaki sauce also delicieux.. MUST TRY..

Takoyaki (27k), hmm.. the taste just so-so.. I don't really like it.. hehe..

Their Moto

Kira Kira Ginza
Jl. Melawai 9 No.30
South Jakarta

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