Sunday, June 16, 2013


I know about this restaurant from my sis.. She always wanna try this restaurant.. Sebelomnya ini ada di Lantai dasar, deket sama seribu rasa, but the change place into 1st floor, beside warung kita..

We ordered Regular Beef Shabu (250k), its consist of usa or australian beef, ten kinds of veggies, served with salad, kimchi, dumplings, handmade noode, and a bowl of rice and eggs..

Ini kimchi and salad yang termasuk di shabu.. Salad nya enak, kimchi nya kurang..

Sauce for shabu-shabu..

FYI.. makan shabu-shabu ini ada step nya.. 
Step 1: Boil the stock

Step 2: add the veggies..

Step 3: Add the beef..
After finishing the beef and veggies, cook the noodle and dumpling in the remaining soup..

This is the dumpling and noodle.. After finishing the noodle and the dumplings..

Step 4: add the rice into the remaining soup then add the egg

Tadaaa.. The rice, egg and the remaining soup become porridge.. The porridge so tasty and yummy.. I like it.. The shabu also taste okay... FYI.. this regular shabu is enough for 5 people..

Chaesundang Bulgogi (260k - regular), enough for 5 people

Eggs for the bulgogi

The server who cook this bulgogi in our table and divided into 5 bowl..

This is the veggies for the bulgogi

The bulgogi in the bowl..

The taste of the bulgogi just okay.. Nothing much special about the taste.. Not tasty enough for my liking..

*all prices exclude tax 10% + service 5%

Gandaria City
2nd floor - beside Warung Kita
South Jakarta

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