Saturday, October 19, 2013

Adriano Zumbo

Early in the morning I went to Rozelle to meet up with my friends, then we went to zumbo...

 Zonut (AUD 5)

This is the best cronut that I have ever tried.. Much better than Union Flaky Doughnut.. This Cronut really crisp outside, soft inside, we can see the layer, and the important thing is not greasy or oily like mostly cronut in Jakarta.. Anw this is cherry filling zonut.. I love the fondant and cherry on the top and in the bottom.. My friend's zonut, got cherry chocolate filling in the midlle.. Taste really good.. =9

Anw.. the rozelle branch doesn't have sitting area, so we went to zumbo at the star..

The shop..

Beside the shop, there is dessert train..

Menu for dessert train

Baked Chocolate & Orange Tart (AUD 7)

The taste is quite unique.. sweet and a bit sour.. The white sauce is vanilla sauce.

Passion Fruit & Blueberry Cheese Cake (AUD 7), I like the cheese cake, and the blueberry sauce was okay, but nothing special..

Apple Crumble Rice Pudding (AUD 7), the taste just so-so, I can't taste the texture of the crumble and I not really like the rice pudding.. 

Iles Flottantes (AUD 7), this is similar to vanilla pavlova, soft inside, not too sweet.. I like the pavlova, nuts, and vanilla sauce.. this is my fav at dessert train.. 

After eating at dessert train, I went back to the shop to take away some cake and macarons..

Dirty Dani (AUD 9), this is caramel creme chantilly, passion fruit creme, salted caramel mou, hazlenut dacquoise, caramel crunch & milk chocolate plaques.. This is taste really good, I like it.. Love the passion fruit, very light, not too sour or too sweet.. The caramel a bit sticky when I cut it, but not sticky at all when I eat it.. Yummy..

Macarons (AUD 15 - 6 pcs), left-right are salted butter popcorn - salted butter caramel on toast - blueberry pancake - francesco brownie - yogurt and passion fruit - caramel au beurre sale..

  • Popcorn : taste good, its taste like popcorn, sweet, but have a bit taste of saltiness, the shell is soft.
  • Salted caramel on toast : Taste okay, can really taste the caramel, and there is a crunchy texture in the caramel filling..
  • Blueberry : Can taste the blueberry, but not really like it..
  • Francesco Brownie : taste good.. I like it.. 
  • Yogurt and passion fruit :  the filling taste a bit sour, but the passion fruit taste good..
  • Caramel beurre sale : taste okay, the filling is softer and lighter than the filling of salted caramel on toast..

Overall, my fav is popcorn, second is francesco brownie, third yogurt and passion fruit

Inside the francesco brownie, If im not wrong is macadamia or hazlenut..

Overall, I'm quite disappointed with dessert train, because doesn't have many variation, I almost tried all the dessert on the dessert train that day, maybe just 1 or 2 dessert that I not try.. And the taste of the dessert train not as good as the individual cake that they sell in the shop..

But the zonut, dirty dani, and macarons are amazing.. They all are taste good..
My fav macarons is popcorn, second is francesco brownie, and the third is yogurt and passionfruit..

Adriano Zumbo
114 Terry St

The Star (Dessert Train)
Shop 1, Cafe Court
80 Pyrmont Street

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