Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kashiwa Japanese Yakiniku

Ox Tongue (AUD 9.90), firsly I'm a bit scare eating this, because I never and don't want to eat a weird food.. But my friend says this is good and I must try, so I tried one.. the taste quite good, a bit springy..

Special Wagyu Beef Ribs (AUD 10.90), in this photo is two portion of beef ribs.. This is taste good, the beef is well marinated and taste sweet..

Beef Skirt (AUD 11.90), in this photo is two portion of beef skirt.. This beef skirt is very tender, well marinated, very tasty..

 Lettuce (AUD 6.90)

Special Yukke (AUD 9.90), this is fresh raw beef served with homemade sauce and egg yolk.. My friend says this is really taste good, and I should try this one also.. (I don't eat raw food), but I tried a very tiny of this raw meat, and no fishy taste, the texture a bit springy and taste sweet from the sauce..

Overall I like all the beef in here.. really taste good.. I never eat yakiniku beef as good as this one.. Really recommended place to visit..

FYI, you need to make reservation first, because the restaurant is small and very packed.. you will share the table with stranger too..

Fav : Beef skirt

Rate : 9/10

Kashiwa Yakiniku
Ground Floor
7A Falcon Street
Crows Nest, NSW 2065

Opening Hour
Tues to Sun : 12pm - 2.30pm and 5pm - 10pm

Phone : (+61) 2 9906 7393

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