Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hurricane's Grill

Lemon Lime Bitters (AUD 3.5), this is lemonade with lime cordial and bitter, the taste was good.. Not taste bitter at all, it is like lemonade with soda..

 Free Bread, I like this bread.. The bread still warm and soft.. Crisp outside and soft inside.. =9

Full Pork Ribs (AUD 44.90),  the ribs marinated with their secret recipe sauce and served with bake potato with sour cream or chips.. The ribs is tender and taste good, they really well marinated.. My friend ordered extra sauce, Monkey Gland Sauce (AUD 2.5), the sauce is typically South African, sweet and tangy..

Half Lamb Ribs (31.9), the ribs served with baked potato or chips.. I like the chips.. Anw the lamb ribs not as tender as beef ribs, the ribs a bit tough.. I prefer the pork ribs..

Fav dish : Pork Ribs

Rate : 7.7/10

Hurricane's Grill
Top Ryde City
Ground Floor

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