Friday, November 15, 2013

La Renaissance (Updated)

Today I came here again especially to buy their macarons because my friend told me that la renaissance have a good taste of macarons.. Anw the box name is baroque because they are a same owner..

 Macarons (AUD 2.70/each) 
Pistachio & Cherry : this is also taste good, have cherry inside..
Mandarin & Milk Chocolate : I love this flavor.. really taste good.. chocolate with a hint of mandarin orange taste..
Jasmine Green Tea : just taste okay..

Inside the pistachio & cherry

Overall.. The macarons shell are crisp outside, thick, and soft.. Really love it.. The filling also taste good...
October 26, 2013

Clockwise : Cheese Cake - Lerme de Gauguin - Aroma (AUD 3.5 - each)
Cheese Cake : taste nice and very smooth and cheesy..
Lerme de Gauguin : is mixed berry mousse encased in decorative jaconde.. I like the berry mousse, not too sweet or too sour.. yumm..
Aroma : is chocolate mousse topped with coffee mousse.. this is also taste good..

Le Roi Soleil (AUD 9.50), this is mango mousse with creamy jasmine centre, pine nut nougatine and pain de genes biscuit base..

 Hmm.. this is just taste okay for my liking..

Zulu (AUD 9.50), this is varlhona chocolate mousse with a chewy salted caramel ganache centre, macaron biscuit and flourless chocolate biscuit base..

 This zulu taste good.. Very rich of chocolate.. I like this..

Raspberry & Passion Fruit Mousse (AUD 9), this is raspberry mousse, passionfruit cremeux, almond nougatine, sponge biscuit base..

I love this.. Really really taste good.. the mousse was smooth and light.. love the raspberry and passion fruit flavor.. =9

Fav cake : Raspberry & passion fruit mousse

FYI, if you buy the cake for take away, the price is $1 cheaper..

La Renaissance
47 Argyle St
The Rocks - NSW 2000
(02 9241 4878)

Opening Hour:
Mon - Sun 8am to 6pm

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