Thursday, November 14, 2013

MakMak Macarons

Hi guys… 
I'm back to post again… It's been a while I abandon this blog.. I saw my last post is last year.. 
It is because I'm so busy.. I feel 24 hour a day is not enough…
I have school, assignment, exam next week, working, and practicing for competition that will be held next month really take all my time.. :(
Super tired.. Leaving home in the morning, going back home late night.. 
I feel I don't have enough sleep.. always feel sleepy..

Okay.. enough about my recent activities.. Now talk about this small macarons shop that won the best macarons in timeout sydney magazine beating zumbo and laduree.. Cool, huh?!?

Macarons (AUD 3.2/each - AUD 15/box of 5 - AUD 34/box of 12)

Top left - right..
Banana, Macadamia & Coffee : taste good, have a hint taste of banana and got macadamia nut inside.
Bellini (Peach & Prosecco) : just okay..
Nectarine, Raspberry & Vanilla : taste sweet, got raspberry jelly inside..
Salted Caramel : taste good.. My favorite..
Bottom : Smoked Vanilla & Pecan Praline : My second favorite..

The macarons shell are crisp outside, soft inside, and thinner than zumbo macarons, baroque, or laduree..

I bought their macarons several times because I wanna to try all the flavor they have..

Number 2 from the top is Peanut Butter : I like the peanut butter, its belgian milk chocolate ganache with peanut butter in the middle..

Left - right :
Gianduja : It's dark chocolate with hazelnut in the middle..
Raspberry & Dark Chocolate : Just taste so-so, have a bit of sour taste because of the raspberry jelly..
Mocha : the taste of the coffee is stronger..

Number 2 from the right is Raspberry, but I forgot the taste because it's been too long I ate that flavor..

Top left - right..
Green Tea Latte : I love the green tea latte.. Really taste green tea and don't have like parfume fragrance like green tea in Jakarta..
Black Sesame : the shell is quite hard, like biscuit, I'm not a fans of this flavor, but if you like black sesame, you can try this.. Many people like this..
Passion Fruit, Mango & Cherry Jelly: taste sweet, got raspberry jelly inside..
Passionfruit, Orange, & Lemon Myrtle : mediocre.. I don't really like this flavor, can't taste the passionfruit, the taste of lemon is much stronger..
Blood Orange, Gin & Tonic : taste good, but I never try the real gin & tonic so I don't know what the gin & tonic flavor suppose to be.. But I like this.. Got jelly inside..

Bottom left - right
Extra Virgin Oil, Lemon : My second favorite..
Rose & Rhubarb : I like this, rose ganache with rhubarb jelly in the middle.. The taste not too sweet..
Bounty : I like this, milk chocolate ganache with coconut ice in the middle, I really like the flavor of the coconut.. Love it..
Strawberry Shortcake : I don't like this flavor, one side of the macarons too dry and become crunchy like a biscuit.. :(

Anw.. Isn't their macarons too pretty?? I really like the heart shape or any pattern they put in the macarons.. <3 a="" already="" and="" below="" can="" div="" facebook="" flavor="" have="" i="" in="" it="" launched="" macarons="" new="" pattern="" picture="" pretty..="" saw="" t="" that="" the="" their="" they="" think="" to="" try="" very="" wait="">
courtesy : makmak website

And if you want to order their macarons, you can order it online in here.. They have delivery service too.. :)

Fav macarons : Green Tea Latte, Bounty, Extra Virgin Oil, Rose & Rhubarb, Salted caramel..

601 King Street
Newton, NSW 2042

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