Friday, November 15, 2013

Pancakes On The Rocks

Chicken & Mushroom Crepes (AUD 15.95), this is creamy chicken and mushroom folded into two crepe pocked, topped with a crunchy coating of parmesan cheese and served with their special tomato sauce and sour cream..

This is really taste good, its not like a crepes, but it is a crepes..

Chicken & Bacon Pizza (AUD 17.95), this is chicken breast pieces with bacon bits, fresh and sundried tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, tomato salsa topped with sour cream and guacamole.. The pizza taste good.. Thin and crisp enough, very generous of mozzarella cheese..

Black Forest Cherry (AUD 13.95), this is chocolate pancakes with cherries in cherry brandy sauce, served with cream, chocolate ice cream and a sprinkle of chocolate chips and drizzled with chocolate sauce.. The taste? was heaven.. the pancake really soft, fluffy, and still warm.. the cherries, ice cream and chocolate sauce also taste good and match together.. Must try..

Fav dish : Black Forest Cherry and Chicken & Mushroom Crepes

Rate : 8/10

Pancakes On The Rocks
4 Hickson Rd
The Rocks, NSW 2000

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