Thursday, August 16, 2012

Otel Lobby

Strawberry Ice Tea (25k), I can taste the strawberry flavor, but not the tea.. its like strawberry juice with too much water..

 Lychee Ice Tea (25k), taste okay.. can taste the lychee flavor..

Herbed Parpadelle (55k - small), with braised short ribs and soft cooked egg. I like this dish.. the egg cooked perfectly... the braised short ribs also tasty.. yummy... =9

Beef Wellington (145k)

inside the puff pastry.. the beef wellington very small.. for me and my friend nothing special of this beef wellington.. just taste so-so.. I don't know why..

This mashed potato come along with the beef wellington, the mashed potato taste plain, and not smooth..

courtesy to my instagram.. :D

all price exclude service charge 10% and tax 10%..

Otel Lobby
Rasuna Epicentrum
South Jakarta
021 299 41324

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