Saturday, August 31, 2013

Molly Malone's

This is the first time I went to Irish Pub in Jakarta... I like the ambience and the place..
Anw, on Friday and Saturday from 6-8 pm you can get free cocktail (cosmopolitan, vodka martini, screwdriver, etc) for ladies only..  You can order as many as you want as long before 8 pm (one at a time)....

Cosmopolitan (90k), this drink I got for free.. I like this, the alcohol not too strong.. I don't know what is the concoction, but contain cranberry juice..

Strawberry Malone (35k), the concoction are strawberry, lime, and soda.. hmm.. don't really like it.. too sour..

Poutine (50k), this is house made chips smothered in rich gravy & freshly grated cheese.. I like this.. the fries taste good, generous gravy and cheese.. Yummy.. Must try..

 Beef & Guiness Pie (110k)

This is "the legendary irish pie", 24 hour marinated guinness beef chunks & carrot in gravy, topped with puff pastry.. This is taste good.. The beef quite tender.. Tasty gravy.. but a bit too salty.. Overall I enjoyed eating this dish..

 This is the pic of beef chunk

Stiky Chocolate Brownie (55k), this is pecan, date & chocolate baked slice topped with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.. This taste like usual chocolate brownies, nothing special.. Can't taste the date..

Fav dish : Poutine
Rate : 8/10

*all prices exclude s.c 7.5% + tax 10%

Molly Malone's
Arcadia - Plaza Senayan
South Jakarta


  1. Unlimited Free cocktail for the ladies? Awesome! =D

    1. yes.. friday and saturday only, from 6-8 pm.. they have live music too at 10 pm.. :D