Friday, November 12, 2010

The Pavilion

A couple days after my birthday.. My friend, Mrs. A bring me to play all day long in Sentosa with one of my Indo friend, Miss. M.. The plan is, we will going to  Sentosa Resort & Spa, pertama-tama bakal chill'in out at The Pavilion, then having buffet dinner buffet at The Terrace, after that web chill'in out again at The Cliff, which is the workplace of her husband..

And.. here we start from The Pavillion..

The Menu

This is my friend, Mrs. A ordered Thai Mojito (S$18), the concoction are vodka, kalamansi, brown sugar, mint leaves.. My friend said that this is good and every time she came here, she always order this.. This drink also one of the signature cocktails in The Pavilion.. 

The differences between thai mojito and mojito is the kalamansi, no lime.. For the people who like mojito, you can try this thai mojito.. :D

Kalo Miss. A pesen Baileys Irish Cream on the rock (S$13) - 1 shot.. The taste?? just standard the taste of baileys, caramel cream..

Hmm.. Maybe there are people who don't know what the meaning of on the rock and 1 shot.. So.. If we ordered some liquers, usually the price is for 1 shot, if you want more than 1 shot, we can ask for double shot.. Then we can choose if we want on the rock (with ice cube), neat (no ice), or just said that you want 2/3 ice cube only.. That's just an info for the people who maybe not know.. :D

Tadaaa... this is what I ordered, one of the signature cocktails in here too, Abbot's Dream (S$18), the concoction are bailey's frangelico, creme de bananas, banana, and milk.. I ordered this because I don't really like alcohol, but I like baileys and banana.. The taste of this drink is nice.. They blend this drink, so all mixed well.. The alcohol also not too bitter.. So.. for the people who didn't really like alcohol, but wanna drink cocktail, you can try this drink.. :D 

The Pavilion
The Sentosa Resort & Spa
2 Bukit Manis Road
Singapore 099891

: +65 6275 0331
: +65 6275 0228

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