Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Serba Food

September 9, 2011

This is a chinese restaurant that open 24 hour at Benton Junction-Lippo Village.. There are many variation of food, from dimsum, breakfast, etc.. This restaurant dominant with red color.. Oya.. they specialities is tea.. hehe.. :)

Nasi Goreng XO (25k), this is fried rice with xo sauce, shrimp, and squids.. I really like this fried rice.. Really tasty.. You have to try this when you come to Lippo Village.. Oya.. combine with their sambal in the table.. delicieux.. :)

Jelly Tea Blended (5.2k), this is blended sweet iced tea with tea jelly.. Sweet, but not too sweet.. But refreshing.. Like the jelly..

..Updated.. (28 March 2012)

Sonic pau, I forgot the price, but this is like mantau but inside have red bean paste, my friend said he don't like the red bean paste, but the pau taste good..

Steam Mantau (3.9k), I like the mantau, very soft and it taste good when dip it with the condensed sweetened milk.. nyamm..

..UPDATED.. (May 15, 2012)

Serba 4 (29k), this is dori with lemon sauce, pak choy, tea jelly, rice, and tea in botlle... I like the dori, but not really like the sauce, but the sauce actually okay, just a bit sour and really taste lemon...

Serba Food
Benton Junction
Lippo Village (Karawaci)

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