Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Social House

(November 11, 2011)
Yeyyy.. Finally I can try this restaurant.. :D

Begonia (35k), the concoction are fresh strawberries, kiwi, and lime with passion fruit syrup and lime juice.. I like this, the taste is sour and refreshing.. 

LIly of the Valley (35k), the concoction are fresh melon, orang, and lychee fruit in milk and yogurt with melon syrup and grenadine.. The taste more sweet, but the taste is good too.. :)

Four Cheese Pizza (70k), mixed with mushroom, honey, and sun dried tomato.. I like the pizza, crisp and thin.. The taste is good.. :D

Fettuccini alla Romana (75k), this is fettucinni with bacon in cream sauce and green pea puree.. I like this pasta.. even the paste quite thick, but it cooked al dente.. The taste also nice.. Blend well with the puree.. Yummy....

I like the quote, so I took a picture of it.. hehe.. Overall, I like eating in here, even this is my first time eat in here.. But they gave a good food and service.. I will come back again.. :D

..UPDATED.. (May 30, 2012)

 I dont know how much this tea, because I'm not order, but the waiter gave it to me, he says this is free for me.. (still curious why he gave me this tea for free) >.<

 Spaghetti Mushroom Aglio Olio with Garlic Grilled Chicken (70k)

This aglio olio really delicious.... The gave the mushroom and the breast fillet chicken very generous...
I really like this.. But I'm a bit curious why they gave lemon.. haha..

Social House
Grand Indonesia
East Mall, 1st Floor

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