Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bakerzin - Macarons (revisit)

(August 29, 2011)

This is my second visit to Bakerzin, click here to check my 1st visit..

Iced Lime Squash (25k), hmm.. Okay lah.. like a standard lime squash.. :)

White Peach Sparkling Fruity Tea (27.5k), I like this more than the iced lime soda.. hehe.. the taste sweet, but not too sweet, can still taste the peach.. :)

Penne in Smoked Beef & Beef Bacon (57.5k), hmm.. this just like penne carbonara, but because I like pasta with creamy sauce.. So I like this.. I like the sauce in here and the penne they cooked al dente too.. :D

Oya.. we ordered Bratwurst & Mixed Cheese Pizza (65k), but I forgot to take the picture, because I already too hungry... I like the pizza because it's thin crust, I also like the bratwurst, but the taste just okay.. If you want try a nice pizza, you can go to Sopra..

Oya.. last time I also bought a macarron from Bakerzin..

This is Raspberry Macaroon (9.4k), I like this raspberry macaroon from the other flavor of macaroon in bakerzin..

The choco color : Chocolate Raspberry
The purple color : Blueberry
The pink color : Rose
Among this three, I like the blueberry, because there a lil bit sour taste, so the macaroon not as sweet as the other.. hehe..

..UPDATED.. (May 15, 2012)

Green Tea Macaron (9.4k), now the price is higher than before.. hmm.. personally I don't really like the green tea, because I can't taste the green tea.. then.. the macarons too chewy.. >.<

Plaza Senayan 
2F Unit 231 A - 239 A
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8

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