Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Pump Room

My first day visit Singapore.. I met with my friends (bartender and barista in hotel) in Clarke Quay.. And we went to this nice place to hang out or just to killing time till morning.. There are live music in here to accompany the peoples who wanna dancing all night long..

The Pump Room is an Irish Pub... When I wandering in Clarke Quay, I saw many Irish Pub, one of them is Highlander.. It's a cozy place too.. But I don't have the photo in Highlander, because I went there last year with my friends, but that time I don't have any intention to make a blog.. haha..

Because I don't one to drink any alcohol and make myself tipsy or drunk, so I just ordered Virgin Mojito (S$14), but my two friends tease me all night long because I ordered "virgin" mojito.. :( The taste not bad, I like it... :)

If I'm not wrong this is Irish Ale, I forgot, because this is my friend drink.. But I think the taste is good, because he keep ordered the same drink till three times.. >.<

The Pump Room
Clarke Quay
3B River Valley Road

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