Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Grand Duck King Signature

Okay.. at first we want to eat in Mahakan, but I said I need to change my Ismaya membership to a new one and today is the last day.. So we went to Setiabudi One..

After change my membership card, we decide to eat at The Duck King because we never try the duck king in here... 

They said this duck king is more prestige, they add the name become THE GRAND duck king SIGNATURE... The interior design more elegant..

 wine cellar

Steamed Minced Pigeon Soup in Bamboo Tube (30k/pax), the bamboo is big, but actually the portion is very small.. haha.. the taste is good.. I more like the pigeon soup in here than in Ming Village..

Yin Yang Mocktail (27k), the concoction are passion fruit monin syrup, sprite, coke, and mix fruits.. The taste is sweet, but quite refreshening.. Okay lah..

Crysanthemun Tea (8k)

White Shell Clams in "Singapore" Style (40k - small), the taste standard.. Just okay..

Sauteed Beancurd and Seafood with X.O Sauce served in Clay Pot (68k - small), I like this.. All the seafood is fresh.. The beancurd also very yummy and soft...

 White Rice (9k)

Sweet and Sour Prawn with Chicken (56k - small), I like this too.. So yummy.. The prawn is big and fresh.. The chicken also taste good.. I like the sauce.. They use strawberry in the sauce.. nyammm.. =9

Steamed Live Scallop with Minced Garlic and Preserved Vegetables (22.8k - per piece), hmm.. I don't really like the scallop, maybe because I don't like garlic..

Stir Fried Assorted Vegetables with Black Fungus (42k - small), the veggie quite tasteless, maybe because we ordered without MSG.. But the veggies is fresh and taste sweet.. Overall the taste just okay..

Pickles (7k)

Chilled Mango Pudding (25k), I like the mango pudding but I don't like the white sauce that I assume is coconut milk..

Overall.. I enjoying eating in here.. The server also very attentive.. I like eat in the restaurant with good service.. :D

The Grand Duck King Signature
Setiabudi One GF Unit A108-117
(021) 5207080

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