Sunday, December 30, 2012

Playground (updated)

..UPDATED.. December 30, 2012

Mimi Cucu (105k), the concoction are baileys, soya milk, and bacardi.. Hmm.. because I don't like alcoholic drink, so for me the taste just so-so..

Aglio Olio (45k), I like this aglio olio, yummy, the spaghetti also cooked al dente, but a bit too spicy for my liking..


December 21, 2011

This is quite new restaurant in Plaza Indonesia, called Playground.. I think there are 3 kind of table, first one is normal table n chair, second one table with hanging chair like in the picture below, the last one is merry go around table and chair, so u can spin your table n chair.. :)

Katsutti (65k), this is spaghetti with chicken katsu and egg, the taste okay lah.. My friend said that the sauce is similar like wafu sauce at pasta de waraku..

Red Cheddar Dory (58k), I really like the plating.. nice.. :)

Zoom in size of the dory.. Hmm.. I like this.. The dory cooked perfectly, the taste also nice..

Carbonara (50k), this pasta look tempting, but the taste just standard.. hehe..

The Cheese Burger a.k.a "BOMB" (80k), ta-daaaa.. this is the signature burger with bomb inside.. this is my friend recommend.. I'm a bit curious why they put choco crunch on the top.. Its not suitable.. >.<

The "bomb" is in the middle, above the beef patty...

Jeng.. jenggg.. this is after I cut the bomb.. bomb is stuffed with cheese and portabello mushroom..
Hmm.. I like the "bomb" but I don't really like the beef patty, because the beef taste sweet and not like the usual beef patty.. >.< When u cut the patty, it's like the minced beef spread easily.. hard to explain in english.. *pardon my bad english..

Princess Peach (45k), I really like this drink.. The concoction are peach, strawberry, and ginger ale.. Really refreshing, a bit sour from the strawberry, but taste good.. :D

Berry Go Round (40k), the concoction are strawberry, blueberry jam, cranberry juice, fresh milk, mango syrup.. This drink a bit too sweet for my liking.. hehe.. But the interesting part is the glass design, the glass can't balance, but the drink won't spill out also.. :)

Melonpolis (40k), the concoction are melon, orange, lychee, and fresh milk.. This drink also a bit too sweet for my liking, but less sweet than berry go round.. And the taste of melon quite strong..

Bill Folder
The bill folder also unique.. It's like a book... :) Quite nice experience eating in here.. But the price quite pricy with not very special food.. hehe..

Plaza Indonesia Extension
4th Floor
(021) 2992 3747

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