Monday, December 31, 2012

Toscana (revisit)

..UPDATED.. December 31, 2012

New year eve dinner with fam.. :D

Insalata Nizzarda (51k), I always like this salad.. love the dressing.. :D

Diavola (79k), tomato, mozzarella, emmenthal, parmesan, cooked ham, peperoni salami, hot jalapeno pepper..  I like this pizza.. crisp and thin.. Yummy...

Fettuccine Con Sugo Di Polpette (53k), this is fettuccine pasta with veal & chicken meat balls in tomato and mozzarella.. I don't like the meat balls, not nice and too much pepper.. >.<

Penne Black Forest (77k), this is penne pasta with mushrooms, broccoli, and creamy smoked cheese sauce.. I like this pasta and the cheese still melted.. nyam..

Spaghetti Alla Livornese (45k), this is spaghetti pasta with baby squid & tuna, topped with toasted bread crumb & dry tomato.. Taste okay.. Delicious..

Brazino Al Catoccio (76k), this is baked sea bass with italian herbs, cherry tomato, and wine served with potato chips.. The fish not smell fishy, soft.. but the taste just okay.. I like the chips..

Medaglioni Bologna (146k), this is prime tenderloin topped with emmenthal cheese & smoked beef, cooked in white wine sauce with aparagus and potato.. I like the beef, but a bit too much pepper.. But the beef quite big.. The sauce too salty for my liking.. >.<

Pesca Spada Menta E Cpperi (75k), This is grilled marlin steak with fresh mint herbs & cappers dressing served with sauteed brussel sprouts & green long beans.. I don't like this.. The fish smell fishy.. >.<

Cioccolato - Dark Chocolate Gelato (23k), super yummy.. Really love this ice cream..

Panna Cotta Con More (23k), my sis n my mom like this panna cotta..

Tiramisu (46k), this tiramisu taste good and light.. I like it..

The price exclude service 10% & tax 10%


September 2, 2011

Wohooo.. this is the 2nd time I'm came here... Click here to check my 1st visit..

This is Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri (45k), the concoction are bacardi, strawberry mix, and lime cordial.. The taste?? Actually I don't like alcoholic drink.. For me the alcohol too strong, and I can't really taste the strawberry, like plain.. hehe..

Oh no.. I forgot the name of the salad.. If I'm not wrong this is Insalata Nizzarda (48k), I really like this salad.. Like.. like.. like... I like the sauce.. I like the veggie, tuna, egg, potatoes, cheese, etc.. All taste fresh.. Yummy.. =9

Zuppa Di Funghi (16k), this is mushroom soup.. I like the soup.. Can really taste the mushroom, but for me a bit too many pepper.. hehe.. :)

Rabioloni Alla Toscana (58k), this is fresh pasta ravioli with lamb, duck, & porcini mushroom filling cooked with red wine & cream sauce.. Hmm.. When the waiter serve this, I don't know if this is the ravioli, because don't look like ravioli, ryt?? hehe.. But this is stuffed ravioli, but in bigger size.. I don't really like this.. don't know why..

Risotto Al Funghi (76k), this is risotto with mushroom, cream, & parmesan cheese topped with crispy beef bacon.. I like the beef bacon.. Yummy.. Too many mushroom.. I'm not a mushroom lover.. But I like this.. Yummyyyy...  But the first impression.. the taste of the risotto like Knorr cream soup (the instant cream soup)..

Tagliata (95k), sliced grilled wagyu beef with sun dried tomato, green pepper & Italian herbs, served with sauteed porcini mushrooms & grilled Scamorza cheese.. I like the beef.. Very tender and juicy.. This is the first time I eat beef not cooked well done.. Firstly I feet a bit scare and don't want to try.. But after I tried.. I like it.. The taste is yummy... =9

Panna Cotta Con More (18k), I don't really like this.. Because too creamy.. Like eating cream.. >.< I don't know why my sis always ordered this.. In her mind this dessert taste good at the first visit.. But now she admit that the taste too creamy..

Oya.. we ordered 2 pizza to take away..

Toscana Pizza (65k), this is mozzarella, mushroom, black olives, egg, & smoked chicken.. I don't try this.. I'm already too full..
Capricciosa Pizza (56k), this is tomato, mozzarella, mushroom, cooked ham, black olive & onion.. Hmm.. I don't really like the pizza in here.. Even this thin crust pizza.. But the base like a bit soggy, not crispy at all.. huhu.. I more like the pizza in Sopra..

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