Friday, August 12, 2011

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier (revisit)

Yeyy.. Finally I went to Laurent Bernard again.. Click here to check my previous visit..

Last time when I went to Portsdown, I can't try the souffle because the chef already going to Robertson Quay.. FYI, they have 2 outlet, one in Portsdown and the other one in Robertson Quay..

Actually I'm craving for Chocolate Souffle in here, because I read in Singaporean blog the chocolate souffle in here is the best choco souffle in singapore.. So here my review.. :)

Free Water

I ordered Guananja Chocolate Souffle (S$14), served with raspberry sorbet and choice of choco or vanilla sauce... Hmm.. The taste?? The souffle not smooth like the souffle I ate in bakerzin.. The top of the souffle also too dry and a bit crispy, u can see from the picture, and I can taste the egg.. I'm very disappointed and this is under my expectation.. huhu.. a lil bit sad.. I don't know why the taste like this, till I'm not finish my souffle.. Maybe because the chef not here yet, and his assistant the one who make it.. I want the souffle that the chef make it...... :'(

My friend ordered Warm Chocolate Cake (S$9.80), served with vanilla ice cream.. The taste?? my friend said its lovely.. the chocolate cake melted inside and it's used valrhona chocolate.. The white one in the middle is vanilla whipped cream..

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
The Pier @Robertson Quay
80 Mohamed Sultan Road


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    1. Ga seenak seharusnya je.. mesti sama chef laurent nya langsung deh baru enak... >.<