Sunday, February 13, 2011

White Hunter

This is also quite long time ago I tried, but just post now.. I post as the same date that I come to here..
Grilled Fresh Salmon with Special Sauce (68k), I like the salmon, I like the butter on the top of the salmon too.. And we can choose one side dish, and ofcourse I choose french fries.. 

House Salad (38k), I don't like and I'm not recommend this salad..

Fajitas d'Vaca (125k), I like this fajitas.. Very yummy.. hungry now.. >.< Anyway.. this is juicy grilled marinated beef steak with cheese, crispy beef bacon and fresh mushroom.. This is served with I forgot the name, like roti canai or pita bread, aaa.. really forgot the name..  huhu.. Sorry.. and served with 4 sauces, guacamole, mayonaise (if not wrong), tomato salsa, and one again I also forgot.. >.<

Aglio Olio (48k), personally don't really like..

White Hunter Ribs (295k - jumbo size), I like the potato wedges very  much.. really yummy... =9 The ribs also taste okay.. hehe.. But I'm not ribs lover.. hehe..

White Hunter
Ground Floor blok MG, unit 30
Jl. KH. M. Syafi'i Hadzami No.8
Kebayoran Lama - Jakarta Selatan

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