Friday, August 12, 2011


I love Subway.. Why?? because I can choose what I want and what I like.. Yummy.... =9

I ordered Subway Melt 6 inch (S$5.90), for the bread I choose honey oat bread, with ranch and honey mustard sauce.. Yummy.. This is turkey, ham, crispy bacon and cheese..  I like this alot.. :D

Beside that I ordered the subway meals, sandwich include 2 cookies and drink only S$8.20..
For the cookies, I choose the Choco Chip Cookies and Raspberry Raisin or Oat (I forgot).. But I like the cookies.. :9

For the drink, I just choose Iced Lemon Tea, if you want to refill, you just need to add S$1..

For the sandwich, I ordered Italian B.M.T, this is with salami, peperoni, ham, and cheese.. I also like this sandwich, and of course I always choose honey oat bread with honey mustard and ranch sauce...
Nyam.. nyamm.. =9

Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-207

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