Monday, October 24, 2011

Asoka Rasa

Actually today plan is going to Pluit to try Hakata Ikkousha.. But my friend who know the way to go there leave us.. Me and my friend don't know the way to go there, so we decide to eat in Gading Serpong... 

Iced Liang Teh (8k), I like liang teh in here.. 

Pakis Cah Ebi (35k - small size), the taste really nice.. I just found this veggie in here only.. And I really like it.. My friend also said this is taste good.. :D

 Rice (4k)


Kodok Goreng Saus Mentega (45k - small size).. I also really like this frog with butter sauce.. the sauce really tasty, the fried frog also tender, a bit chewy.. nice... Yumm... yummm..

This one is my favorite... Kepiting Soka Telor Asin (50k).. the taste really nice.. Tasty.. Yummy.. Delicious.. huaaa.. Now I'm carving for this.. Oya.. we can eat all the  crab, it's soft shell crab.. Yumm.. Yumm.. The salted egg sauce also very tasty and delicous.. Very suitable with the crab.... =9

All the food that I ate really nice and good.. I will come back for sure to this restaurant.. :D

Saung Kepiting Asoka Rasa
Jl. Gading Serpong Boulevard Blok BA 3/67

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